Amy Schumer Graces The Ellen Show, Says She Protests Every Day In Support Of The Black Lives Matter Movement
Amy Schumer Graces The Ellen Show, Says She Protests Every Day In Support Of The Black Lives Matter Movement (Pic credit: Facebook/Amy Schumer, Getty Images)

Ellen DeGeneres recently returns to the sets of her show, The Ellen Show, amid the toxic work environment allegations. While on that, Amy Schumer decided to grace the show in the new format and give us the dose of the standard Schumer fun. The star spoke about a lot of things, including her support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Scroll below to know more about the same.

Schumer, since the very beginning of the pandemic, has been quarantining on Martha’s Vineyard with her husband Chris Fischer and her son Gene. The comedian graced the Ellen Show virtually, with a set of fake legs and it was a hilarious ride. The episode air on Tuesdays.

Amy Schumer shot for the episode from her home with the help of a green screen. Supporting the virtual screen was a pair of fake s*xy legs, with pink heels and a yellow skirt. Opening the episode as per Daily Mail, Schumer said, ‘My legs, are they too pale? I was so nervous. I was going to use self-tanner, but at the last second decided just to go out there and dress up Amy and go down to the studio and look your best. And here I am!”

After the jokes were done and the two had a ball laughing, Ellen DeGeneres and Amy Schumer took the serious route. Ellen and Amy spoke about the latter’s daily protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Amy revealed how she protests at 10:30 am every day in the Martha Vineyard.

Amy Schumer revealed how a lady names Dana Nunez inspired her to do this. For the unversed, Dana stands in protest in a median every day after the tragic killing of George Floyd. Floyd was killed by while policeman who pinned him down with his knee on Floyd’s neck until he couldn’t breathe and finally lost his life.

“We decided to come back the next day at 10:30 to kneel for George Floyd, and we’ve met every morning since the beginning of June. Since then, the group of daily protesters in the seaside town has grown to 50–100 protestors each day. Every day, we honor the life of a different person of color whose life was stolen by law enforcement,” Amy Schumer said.

Amy who gave birth last year also shot HBO docu-series Expecting Amy, and also spoke about the struggle shooting it recently.

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