365 Days Ft. Michele Morrone Gets An English Novel, Here's When You Can Grab One!
365 Days Ft. Michele Morrone Gets An English Novel, Here’s When You Can Grab One!

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the Netflix film, 365 Days titled in Polish, 365 Dni. This erotic Italian-Polish film released earlier this year and created a storm on the internet. The erotic film is adapted from the first book of writer Blanka Lipińska’s trilogy. If you want to read the book, we have some good news for you!

With the film being an adaptation of the book, many fans the film gained were dying to get their hands on a copy. But alas, this film and equally chaotic sequels were initially published in Polish, thus making it difficult for viewers to get a copy after seeing the film. But here’s some good news, months after the film released, the book is finally being translated into English.

As per a report on Oprah.com, the first book in Blanka Lipińska’s erotic mafia romance will re-release in English in January 2021. As like many adaptations, we believe that this film too, has left out a lot from the book. It will be fantastic to read the novel and see what all was edited from the 2020 release.

The first two books of the trilogy, 365 Dni (365 Days) and Ten dzień (That Day), were both published in 2018. The third and final book in the series, Kolejne 365 dni (Another 365 Days) came out in 2019. Also, in case you are a sucker for erotic novels, we bet this book will be filled with quite a few scenes that will put the 50 Shades trilogy to shame.

For those living under a rock and do not know what this film is about, we are here to help you. 365 Days dwells on the complicated, chaotic relationship between the Don of the Torricelli Sicilian Mafia crime family, Massimo Torricelli and a Polish executive Laura Biel who he spotted by the sea over five years ago. The film stars Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka in the lead roles.

Talking more on the film, Massimo stalks Laura for years and finally kidnaps here during her birthday trip to Italy. He reveals that he will keep her with him for a year (365 Days) and will make her fall in love with him. In the event she doesn’t, he will set her free. Fortunately for the bad mafia boss, she does fall in love with him but *Spoiler warning if you haven’t watched 365 Days yet, towards the end of the film falls prey to his rival gangs.

How excited are you for the English translation of 365 Days?

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