When Ryan Gosling Wore His 'Legs-Exposing' Tight Suit At Jimmy Kimmel's Show But We Won't Complain! *Wink Wink* (Oh God! Those Fine Legs)
When Ryan Gosling Wore His ‘Legs-Exposing’ Tight Suit At Jimmy Kimmel’s Show But We Won’t Complain! ( Photo Credit – Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live )

We often see women wearing fitted clothes and well, they slay the game completely. And guess what, a well dressed man is a treat to watch and we ain’t kidding there. A man wearing a well-fitted suit can take the world, someone rightly said. Today, we bring you a yummy fashion throwback to when Ryan Gosling wore a tight suit to Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show and we’re not even complaining. (We hope you got the yummy reference here) Haha! Scroll below to take a look at his video.


Ryan has been making headlines ever since he started shooting for ‘Barbie’ which also stars Margot Robbie in the lead role. His transformation as ‘Ken’ is going crazy viral on social media and women across the world are drooling over that perfect body. Coming back to the topic, the actor back in 2016 made an appearance on Kimmel’s talk show and became the talk of the town for his tight suit.


Ryan Gosling wore a grey coloured check suit and paired it with a white shirt. He styled his suit with black shoes and looked dapper as ever as he donned a neat hairdo. That indeed happens to be one of his sharpest looks and not to say, we love that tight suit on him.

Ryan Gosling while talking to Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he didn’t try the suit earlier and it happens to be really tight and said, “I have to admit something. I didn’t try this suit on before I came out and I realised it’s so tight. It’s wildly inappropriate. I feel like I’m going steady with these pants.”

The host then offered his mug to the actor to cover his (you know) but he declined and said, “‘I don’t want that to be the view.” Giving his suggestion further, he asked Kimmel if the cameraperson can just shoot him above waist.

Replying to this, Jimmy said, “Actually do the opposite, it’ll get us better ratings.” Watch the conversation here:

What are your thoughts on Ryan Gosling donning a tight suit on Jimmy Kimmel’s show? Tell us in the comments below.

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