Selena Gomez Most Prized Possessions: Private Jet To A Studio City Bungalow!
3 Most Prized Possessions Of Selena Gomez! ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Selena Gomez )

Selena Gomez started working at the age of just 7. From being the Disney girl to now owning an empire of her own, she’s clearly come a long way. She is estimated to being worth a whopping $75 million over the last year. But the Rare Beauty owner splurges money on some eye-grabbing stuff and you cannot keep your eyes off it!

From owning a private jet to a studio city bungalow – below are Selena’s 5 most prized possessions:

Luxurious Abodes

Selena Gomez has always had a royal taste in properties. She was just 19 when she bought her first-ever house, located in the Tarzana area of California’s San Fernando Valley. Sel reportedly shed a whopping $2.2 million. The Rare Beauty owner later sold it and invested in a Calabasas mansion worth $3.7 million. She also invested in a Texas property and a massive Studio City in LA. However, the actress later put them on the market and is currently living in Encino.

The $4.9 million Encino house includes two master suites along with private balconies. Four additional guest bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a zen yoga studio, plus a massage room and a gym for the ultimate wellness experience are some other luxurious areas.

Crazy Beasts!

As much as Selena Gomez is crazy about shopping, you would be surprised to know that includes luxurious cars as well. It was back in 2013 when she was first spotted owning a BMW X5. She later even got herself an upgraded version and spilt money on other beauties like Mercedes Maybach and Audi A6.

Another addition to her travel options includes a cool Vespa-Buddy 125. She was multiple times spotted riding it with her girl gang.

A Private Jet!

No, the property isn’t as expensive or huge as one owned by Kylie Jenner. But having a private jet is a pretty huge deal in itself right? Selena is amongst the rare celebrities who prefer travelling for tours or other events with their private transportation systems.

Apart from the above, Selena Gomez shells out a lot of money on her private trips. She even took care of the entire expenses of the wedding dress and bachelorette party of her cousin Priscilla. Her love for clothing and accessories from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton & Coach aren’t hidden from anybody.

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