Lovesutra Episode 23: Friends Actor Matthew Perry Once Revealed About Battling ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ In His 30s & Guess What, It’s Increasingly Prevalent In Younger Men; Read On
Lovesutra Episode 23: Friends Actor Matthew Perry Once Revealed About Battling ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ In His 30s & Guess What, It’s Increasingly Prevalent In Younger Men ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

S*x is one of the most important aspects for many but, unfortunately, many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. It has become an increasingly prevalent problem among the younger generation. In fact, popular Friends star Matthew Perry also once addressed this issue.

The younger generation is being badly impacted by ED on many different levels as it develops into an epidemic. The inability to obtain or maintain an erection while engaging in s*xual activities is the most obvious sign of ED. This can be a significant cause of anger and embarrassment for men, as well as a factor in low self-esteem, depression, and feelings of inadequacy.



Matthew Perry in his new memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing’, opened up about his struggle with substance abuse. He went on to reveal that he started drinking at the age of 14, and he considered himself seriously impotent for his early adult years. “S*x sounded awfully fun, but it was not in my arsenal.”

The percentage of men who have mild or moderate ED is roughly correlated with a man’s decade in life, according to statistics from the University of Wisconsin. In other words, about 50% of men in their 50s and 60% of men in their 60s experience mild ED. But according to a 2013 study that was published in the Journal of S*xual Medicine, ED may be more common in young men than previously thought.

Research has shown that ED affects 26% of adult males under the age of 40. Just 40% of older males with ED, as opposed to approximately 50% of individuals in this category, had severe ED. Younger males with ED were observed to smoke or use drugs more frequently than older guys with ED.

There are several health problems like Heart problems, Diabetes, Obesity, and Hormonal disorders that cause erectile dysfunction. However, one of the most common problems of erectile dysfunction among young men is due to excessive consumption of p*rn.

P*rn is made to draw in viewers and keep them coming back for more. Unfortunately, viewers can develop a tolerance for this kind of s*xual stimulation that does not translate well into real-life s*xual circumstances because performers frequently engage in behaviours that are unusual for real-life s*xual scenarios.

The good news is that after removing p*rn from their lives, some guys with ED were able to get a regular erection, according to studies. Hence, here are a few ways to reduce your consumption of p*rn. Unlike Matthew Perry, you can stop your dependence on p*rnography by taking some practical measures in addition to medical and psychological assistance. They’ll assist you in regaining a fulfilling s*xual life.

Go cold turkey: Attempt to entirely quit watching p*rn. Decide how long you want to try to go without it. For instance, 90 days might be a reasonable time frame.

Stop masturbating: Also, it’s critical to cease masturbating. This will make it easier to distinguish between your new attitude to s*x and these previous damaging s*xual behaviours.

Find new hobbies: Instead of watching p*rn or masturbating, do something else with that time. The best thing to do is exercise since it will improve your general health and wellness and set you up for better s*x.

Rediscover pleasure: You are permitted to resume masturbation after a time of abstinence. But, there shouldn’t be any p*rn in this. By doing so, you can explore many facets of your s*xual desire and remind yourself of the pleasure that comes from bodily sensations that are independent of p*rnography.

Enjoy s*x with a partner: You could feel ready to try having s*x with a partner once more after you’re confident that you can get and maintain an erection while masturbating. During partnered s*x, pay attention to both your partner and their reactions as well as the bodily feelings you’re experiencing.

So take the advice from Matthew Perry and quit watching p*rn to regain your s*x drive.

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