Lovesutra Episode 20: Katy Perry Once Said S*x In The Thirties Are 'Amazing' But What Makes It Better Than Your 20s; Read On
Lovesutra Episode 20: Katy Perry Once Said S*x In The Thirties Are ‘Amazing’ But What Makes It Better Than Your 20s, Here’s What I Think! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Regular s*x provides a number of health benefits, including the release of mood-enhancing hormones and a stronger connection with your partner. That being said, s*x in your 30s is different than in your 20s. Popstar Katy Perry once spoke about how s*x in the thirties is amazing. Scroll down to know more.


Sexual experiences differ from person to person at any age, but someone in their twenties is newer to good s*x than someone in their thirties. Furthermore, in your twenties, s*x allows you to learn more about your body and s*xual preferences.


Back in 2017, as reported by Mirror UK, Katy Perry speaking to a crowd in London said, “If you’re not having great s*x yet, in your thirties it’s going to be AMAZING. I can’t speak for those of you in your forties but I’m sure it’s better… it’s fun, consensual, and intimate.”

The crisis of “pretend adulthood” defines the 20s, but by 30 and beyond, you recognise your emotions like old friends and act on them accordingly. According to one study, women are happiest with their bodies at the age of 50, echoing other findings that show body image happiness increases from the 40s onwards in both men and women. Many people believe that women’s s*xual prime is in their 30s. Many women report increased s*x drive, increased s*x enjoyment, and stronger and better org*sms.

There are numerous reasons for this. For one thing, both men and women experience a drop in testosterone levels in their thirties. This decrease occurs more slowly in women than in men, so a woman in her thirties with a male partner may frequently find that their desire levels meet in the middle. Her libido may be stronger than his at times. Let’s take a look at some other reasons as to why s*x in thirties are better:

It’s not new that many of us use s*x to validate our attractiveness or s*xual prowess during our twenties. Understanding the power of our s*xuality is a difficult process for most people. In our twenties, there is a greater tendency to use s*x to entice a partner or to keep that person around. This keeps us focused on our lover’s s*xual experience rather than our own pleasure, which doesn’t always result in earth-shattering s*x. This performance pressure makes s*x less enjoyable. We may have less of a need to use s*x for other purposes by the time we reach our thirties. We can own and enjoy our s*xuality more fully.

So when Katy Perry said that s*x is amazing in the thirties, she meant you’re probably in a more s*x-positive phase of your life now that you’re in your thirties. Hopefully, your life experience has helped you become less judgmental about s*x and slut shaming as you’ve approached your thirties (definitely of others, but also of yourself). The ability to let go of judging yourself and your preferences leads to a more satisfying s*xual life.

You don’t have to put up with unsatisfying s*x because you know how to do it yourself — or train your partner if their methods aren’t working. You’ve also probably had enough s*xual experience to know that s*x can be messy, and you’re less afraid of it. This also makes you less self-conscious about the strange noises, fluids, and unusual positions that come with no-holds-barred s*x. That’s the end of it. Your “dirty 30s” are as real as the bed-shaking Os you’ve been having on a daily basis. Congratulations, and have a good time.

So as Katy Perry said, s*x in your thirties are amazing!

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