Lovesutra Episode 17: Dwayne Johnson Once Rated Himself 11/10 In Oral S*x Skills - But Did You Know It’s Good For Women's Health? Read On
Lovesutra Episode 17: Dwayne Johnson Once Rated Himself 11/10 In Oral S*x Skills – But Did You Know It’s Good For Women’s Health? Find Out ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Even the most s*xually confident person is constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. Whether it’s a quick hookup or a long-term relationship, skills in bed for men can keep their women on their toes. One of the most effective skills in bed is oral s*x and Hollywood action star Dwayne Johnson also agrees to it.


The significance of s*x is unique to each relationship. It is entirely up to the two (or more) people in an intimate and loving relationship to decide where, how, and how frequently they have it. Having said that, oral s*x is also important in healthy relationships.


Dwayne Johnson once appeared on Watch What Happens Live hosted by Andy Cohen. During the show, the host asked the Fast & Furious actor “On a scale from 0 to 10 how would you rate or oral abilities?” Johnson gave it some serious thought before clarifying, “10 being amazing?” Then he followed that up with, “I would be like, 11.” His response received with cheers from the audience, and any of the women who had the pleasure of experiencing this, probably.

Take a look at the video below:

Do women like receiving oral s*x?

Well, based on the audience (women) reaction in the above video, it’s a resounding ‘Yes’. A Bad Girls Bible study found that 90.9% of women enjoy receiving oral s*x. In fact, 19 minutes and 40 seconds is the average ideal duration for women seeking oral s*x. Furthermore, women prefer receiving oral because of how their partner makes them feel on an emotional level (24%). Another study discovered that oral s*x improves women’s health and happiness. S*minal fluid contains mood-enhancing, affection-enhancing, and sleep-improving substances, as well as at least three different antidepressants.

Having said that, I prefer to keep things lighthearted, and intimacy is essential for developing a strong bond with my partner. S*x should be something you look forward to, not something you dread. To develop a healthy relationship, you must give a little to get a little. The key to oral s*x is giving.

What is the problem? So many people down there have no idea what they’re doing. If this is the case, it is time to brush up on your oral s*x skills. There are numerous ways to improve your oral s*x technique, but today I’m going to share the top three to be like Dwayne Johnson!

Get your partner aroused

Try a seductive warm-up instead of diving headfirst into someone’s vulva like an Olympic swimmer. Start with neck kisses. Then proceed to their belly, inner thighs, and all the way around their vulva. Make a circle with your tongue around their nipples. If your partner is a kink, try dirty talk, spanking, or role-playing—whatever makes them happy.

Get in position

There are numerous s*x positions available for giving and receiving oral sex, but a few stand out above the rest. Under your knees, a pillow or rolled-up yoga mat may make this position more comfortable. In order to gain better access to your partner’s clitoris, you cross their legs over your shoulders. Some women would rather lean against a wall while their partner kneels in front of them. There’s also the practise of “queening,” also known as face-sitting.

Cover more surface area at first

Don’t just go for the clit! Instead, use broad, gentle pressure at first. I would recommend starting with the flat of your tongue and moving your head instead of your tongue. This results in a larger surface area, which most people find more appealing at first.

Well, now you won’t be Jon Snow and be a Dwayne Johnson in this area!

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