The Kerala Story’s Lawyer Comments On Film’s Ban In West Bengal &Tamil Nadu: “Court Ne Kaha, Agar Baki Ke States Chala Sakta Hai Toh Aap Kyu Nahi?”
The Kerala Story Lawyer Refrains From Commenting On NCP Leader’ Producer Should Be Hanged’ Statement, Comments On West Bengal, Tamil Nadu Ban Saying “Ek Baar Film Certified Ho Jaati Hai…” ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Sudipto Sen-directed, The Kerala Story, has been in the news since its trailer was unveiled. Since its release in theatres last Friday (May 5), the Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani starrer has been loved by many while also has been banned in the states of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Now, the film’s lawyer has spoken to us exclusively about it.

A while ago, we got in contact with Prominent Lawyer Ameet Naik of Naik Naik and briefly spoke to him about the ban being imposed on the film in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu as well as their appeal to have it revoked, NCP leader Jitendra Awhad saying the film’s producer should be hanged, other states making the film tax free and more.

Talking about their court visit today – and meeting the Chief Justice Of India to appeal the ban be removed against The Kerala Story, lawyer Ameet Naik said, “Aaj court mein kewal West Bengal aur Tamil Nadu ke khilaf notice issue kiya hai. Aur yeh matter ki sunwayi Wednesday ko hoti hai. Yeh West Bengal aur Tamil Nadu ko ban ke khilaf reply tha.” He continued, “Court ne yeh bhi kaha ki baki ke states mein chal sakti hai toh West Bengal mein kyu (nahi)? Court ne yeh comment kiya hai.”

When asked to comment on NCP leader Jitendra Awhad’s “The Kerala Story is peddling fiction and the producer should be hanged in public” statement, the lawyer replied, “Main kissi political statement ke baare mein koi comment nahi dunga. Joh kuch hum log keh rahe hai humare petition ke through hoga.”

Talking about the petition they filed elaborately, Ameet Naik said, “Ek baar film certified ho jaati hai, toh uss film ki ban ki koi gunjaish nahi hoti, kyuki law and order joh hai who state ki responsibility hai… Aur yeh film, kul milake 3 din chali hai…” Commenting on the film being screened in the remaining Indian states and Madhya Pradesh declaring it tax-free, the lawyer said, “Yehi toh court ne kaha. Agar baki ke states chala sakta hai toh aap kyu (nahi)?”

Speaking about when the court proceedings to remove the bans placed on The Kerala Story in West Bengal and Tamil will likely be resolved, he added, “Samay lagega. Next week tak kuch toh nirnay hoga.” Talking about the financial damage the film will suffer until the ban is removed and whether they will fight for compensation, the lawyer said, “Humari petition compensation ki nahi hai lekin. Humari petition hai ban lift karo. “He, however, added that they may be decisions of compensation.

Commenting on whether The Kerala Story has the potential to create disharmony with its content, the lawyer said, “Mere khayal se film successfully chal rahi hai 2nd-week mein. Joh kuch hai apke samne hai. Law aur order joh hai woh state ki responsibility hai.”

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