Abhidnya Bhave Gets Vocal On Shaheer Shiekh Being Compared To Sushant Singh Rajput: "It Is Very Unfair..."
Abhidnya Bhave Gives Her Take On Shaheer Shiekh Being Compared To Sushant Singh Rajput (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Abhidnya Bhave is an Indian actress who is known to work for the Marathi film and television industry. She is known for acting in TV series such as Khulta Kali Khulena, Tula Pahate Re, and many more. The actress also appeared in the web series Moving Out.

Koimoi got an opportunity to have an interview with Abhidnya Bhave, as she spoke about her experience, her view on Shaheer taking up Sushant’s role, and much more. Given below is the extract from the conversation with the actress:



What’s your take on Shaheer stepping into the shoes of Sushant. Do you think he has justified the part?

“He has more than justified the part and comparison was inevitable between Sushant and Shaheer, Sushant took the show to the next level and Shaheer knew this and he mentally prepared himself for this role and we can say that after Sushant only Shaheer can play the role of Manav there wouldn’t be any other choice you would know once you see the series and the Shaheer is put up Manav in the whole series is amazing. My respect is very high for him as an artist because at such stage of his career he has taken up this step firstly and secondly he has to lift hundred per cent to everybody’s expectations and his own as well. At the end of the day, every artist is known for his performance whether it be Sushant or Shaheer it is very unfair to compare because every person have their emotions with the character and I think I am very sure Shaheer himself is attached to manav as well and he would for sure bring different things on the plate, the essence which Sushant created Shaheer has tried to do the same in his way I as an audience if I see the series I think there wouldn’t have been a better choice than Shaheer.”

Would it be right on our part to say that Abhidnya Bhave is here to stay?

“Yes, I am here to stay I have already aimed that I’ll do come back where I started from because it is very special for me. But I don’t know the situation didn’t come like that and Opportunity never came like that. I think so it was a good plan to bring me back to Hindi with such a popular show and I respect his plan even after nine years. Yes, I am here to stay now and God has also given me the opportunity.”

Tell us something about your role in the series?

“My role in the series is of Manjusha I am shown as Archana’s sister-in-law. There is a little grey shade in my character Manjusha is very possessive about her brother and husband. Because of her possessive nature, she does things unknowingly from which creates hurdles in Archana’s life. She is not intended to create problems she just wants Archana to marry her brother she is not intentionally harassing Archana she has a purpose behind it and I think that is what I have tried to portray in the series and it should not appear anywhere that it is being done intentionally or deliberately. I am trying to portray as natural as I can and I have tried to do that in the series.”

Was there any extra added pressure on you since the previous season was a huge hit?

“Of course, there was. There was pressure on everybody of us because all the characters have been established so much for five years and look for someone else in their place become very difficult. We didn’t know how people would react to it but I think one good thing happened the original pavitra Rishta and pavitra Rishta 2.0 is different in a way where Pavitra Rishta 2.0 is portraying this era because everything looked very real and new in a different way .there was more excitement than the pressure I would say and I think it has got received in a very correct way and I think every artist who was working in the series was very very happy with the response.”

Message for all the fans?

“I would just like to say that I worked hard to come where I am right now and I know for a matter of fact I had a long way to go. I just want people to know that I am here to do good performances and to create some kind of awareness through my work and also I’ll entertain you all with good performance and I will make sure that I will put more and more effort into my performances so that you would love it.”

Would you like to see Abhindya Bhave as Manjusha on Pavitra Rishta 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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