Exclusive! Nia Sharma Wants To Get Married In A ‘Very Cool Manner,’ Slams Society For Putting Pressure Saying “Just Because You Have Reached A Certain Age…”
Nia Sharma Reveals She Wants A Love Marriage & How She Envisions It, Says “I Want To Get Married – But Not In A Haste, In A Stupid Manner” [Exclusive](Pic Credit: Instagram)

Nia Sharma is on a run. After garnering much love for her music video Hairaan, the beauty is not all set to show off her other side in Paisa Paisa. During a recent chat with Koimoi, while talking about the now-released track by Star Boy LOC, we asked the actress about her career, personal life and more. And here’s what she has to say about walking down the aisle.

With Ms Sharma all set to celebrate her 32nd birthday this September – we know she still looks like she’s in her 20s – we asked her if she has faced or is facing the pressure from family or society. While answering that, Nia also picked between love and arrange marriage and revealed how she envisions her dream wedding to be.

When asked if she’s facing pressure to get married from her family or near and dear ones, Nia Sharma straight up said, “NO.” She continued, “I don’t feel pressured. My mom never tells me anything. And this is not the time, this is not a phase, this is not a culture where anybody should. And I’m really putting it out there – you shouldn’t get married because your parents are forcing you to. And for parents also, you shouldn’t (force your kids to get married). You don’t want to see a person getting married in depression and subsequently getting a divorce because you took a hasty decision. And it’s happening.”

Talking about marriage and the pressure society puts, Nia Sharma continued, “Just because you have reached a certain age, ab pata nahi kya hoga… I will not get married unless somebody holds my hand and tells me ‘Nia, I want to take care of you.’ Or I am capable enough to take care of myself and somebody comes along and we progress together, use pehle… If it is to do with age or somebody is going to tell my mom ‘aapki beti shaadi kare,’ mujhe nahi karni. And fortunately, I do not have that pressure from my mother, my brother – we are very, very cool three people and we live our lives. As long as I enjoy my life there is no pressure.”

Continuing by saying that it is us who make up society, the actress stated, “Tomorrow if your parents are going to tell you ‘ab hoga na, ab kar lo na shaadi,’ aap kar loge kya? Kar bhi loge, (par) aap khush rahoge kya? Aap reh bhi lo, but how long it’s going to be?”

Talking about having regrets if forced into a marriage, Nia stated, “You might have regrets ki aapne yeh nahi karne diya aapne woh nahi karne diya, mai yeh kar sakti thi mai woh kar sakti thi. Mujhe nahi lagta ki kalko mai apne mom ko bolungi ki ‘aap ne meri shaadi karwa di, maine yeh nahi kiya hai…’ I’m doing everything a girl should be doing today. I’m living my life today.”

Revealing her marriage plans, Nia Sharma said, “Yes, I want to get married – but not in a haste, in a stupid manner. Just because mujhe duniya ko prove karna hai.” She added, “It’s not a rushed thing and marriage cannot be planned.”

So arrange marriage or love marriage – which is her pick? Nia Sharma simple said “Love marriage. I’ll go for a love marriage.” Ask her what her dream wedding would be like, the actress after thinking a few seconds said “I want to get married nicely.” To it, she later added, “A small gathering for sure, not like a hoopla and everybody is swarming over your head but in a cool way. Like a destination – somewhere, outside. But I don’t know how things will end up – if I end up in a court, if I end up in a mandir- I have no idea. But I want to get married in a very cool manner.”

Well, we are waiting to know when you finally decide to walk down the aisle, but take your time Nia and don’t have any regrets later.

Stay tuned to Koimoi to catch Nia Sharma talking about marriage on video.

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