Park Eun Bin Attracts Criticism For Acting As Netizens Find Similarity Between Her 'Castaway Diva' & 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Roles!
Park Eun Bin Attracts Criticism For Her Acting As Netizens Say Her Expressions In ‘Castaway Diva’ Are Too Similar To ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’! (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Park Eun Bin is one of the most talented Korean actresses, with many top honors, including a Baeksang Award, to her credit. She was bestowed with the Best Actress title last year for her role as Woo Young Woo in the K-drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which featured her as an autistic rookie lawyer carving a niche through her intelligence and photographic memory in the legal world, which is dominated by her neurotypical peers.

Currently, Eun Bin is grabbing eyeballs for her latest Netflix drama, Castaway Diva, in which she stars as Seo Mok Ha, a girl who struggles to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a diva or K-pop idol after returning from an uninhabited island where she was stranded for 15 years due to an unfortunate accident.

Park Eun Bin’s acting chops are considered at par with her peers in the South Korean entertainment landscape, with many critically acclaimed dramas, including The King’s Affection (2021), Do You Like Brahms? (2020), Hot Stove League (2019-2020), and Hello My Twenties (2016–2017), boasting her rich filmography. Naturally, fans were intrigued to learn about Park’s casting in Castaway Diva, which chronicles an intriguing story with a refreshing concept. However, much to fans’ disappointment, the actress has, so far, not shown her range in the new drama.

Many K-netizens and other K-drama fans recently took to SNS to criticize Park Eun Bin’s acting, stating they find her portrayal of Seo Mak Ha too similar to Woo Young Woo, as per Kbizoom. This has sparked a debate about whether she was the right choice to take on the role or if it is a directorial blunder that the drama continues to bore the audience as it progresses. So far, as many as six episodes of Castaway Diva have premiered, but the K-drama has failed to generate a significant buzz despite its global premiere on Netflix.

A section of internet users also highlighted how Seo Mak Ha’s expressions and hand gestures bear an uncanny resemblance to Woo Young Woo, to the point where viewers could get confused if they were watching Castaway Diva or Extraordinary Attorney Woo, if not for PEB’s different hairstyle in both dramas.

Meanwhile, a faction of netizens also lauded Park for undertaking the challenging role, as she has also made her official singing debut with the drama. Since she plays the role of a K-pop idol, many scenes require her to channel her singing talent, and fans were stunned to learn that the actress decided to work on her vocals instead of hiring a professional singer to do the job for her.

In other updates related to Park Eun Bin, the talented artist recently flew out of Korea to attend the 51st Emmy Awards since ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ has secured a nomination in the drama series category alongside Song Joong Ki starrer Reborn Rich.

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