Top 4 Zodiac Signs Compatible with Ananya Panday
Top 4 Zodiac Signs Compatible With Ananya Panday ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Ananya Panday is a young, passionate, and talented Indian actress who perhaps requires no introduction. We all have seen her in movies like Student of the Year 2 and Gehraiyaan after which there’s no looking back for the actress. However, her recent release, Liger was unable to do much as expected from the pre-buzz.

Ananya’s birthday comes on 30th October which makes her a Scorpion by birth. As a matter of fact, Scorpions are known to be loyal, dedicated, compassionate, and intense in whatever activities they pursue. And same goes for them when it comes to relationships. Not only they are known to give their 100% in a relationship, but they are also focused and committed to making their relationship work. But such people also tend to get hurt easily when not receiving the same amount of love from the other side.



Being a Scorpion herself, Ananya Panday does inherit some of these qualities and can pour in all her efforts in order to make a relationship work. So, let’s see what are those top 4 zodiac signs that are highly compatible with her.

Cancer with Ananya Panday

When talking about the fellow zodiac sign of Scorpion, Cancer is irrefutably the first name that comes to mind. Just like the Scorpions, Cancerians are emphatical, dedicated, faithful, and sensitive which makes a great match. Both Scorpions and Cancerians can share a great bond with each other, equally sharing seriousness about their love life. Not to skip, similar to Scorpions, Cancerians are also possessive regarding their partners.

Capricorn with Ananya Panday

Attributes like dedicated, focused, and hardworking are quite similar for Capricorns as compared to Scorpions. And such qualities are often appreciated by the Scorpions, turning them into an ideal match for long and healthy relationships. Both the zodiac sign holders often like and appreciate each other’s company, strengthening the bond of compassion.


Pisces are yet another group of people that share a good bonding with the Scorpions. Considered as the fellow zodiac sign of Scorpio, Pisces emphasizes attributes like being romantic, emotional, and loyal with their partners which are some essential elements to have in a relationship. Also, the romantic nature of Pisces often tends to attract Scorpions.

Virgo with Ananya Panday

Virgos are known to be perfect in whatever they do. And this characteristic often attracts the Scorpions towards them. The quality of being flawless along with the habit of walking on the path of perfection is highly adored by the Scorpions. So, a relationship between Scorpions and Virgos can give birth to a peaceful and happy vibe.

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