Pandit Jagannath Guruji lists most compatible zodiac signs with Rohit Saraf
Most Compatible Zodiac Signs With Rohit Saraf ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikipedia )

Rohit Saraf made his filmy debut with Dear Zindagi, worked in Ludo, The Sky is Pink and even featured in a Norwegian film in 2017. The actor who can also be seen in the Netflix series Mismatched celebrates his birthday on December 8 which makes him a Sagittarius.

Saggi men are creative and very expressive, most of the time they are on the go and they are well known for their adventurous side. They cannot take any kind of restriction and are often commitment-phobic.


To know who the 25-year-old actor is compatible with on the basis of zodiac signs, renowned astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji shared a list of the most compatible souls with a Saggi man like Rohit. Are you amongst those names? Scroll down to know.

Aries with Rohit Saraf

Both the zodiac signs are bold, optimistic and very adventurous. If they get together, they can take over the world. They will never put a label on their relationship but that is the beauty of their bond. Both Aries and Rohit, a Saggi, will come up with amazing ideas be it for work or even for home decor. They can both thrive off each other.

Leo with Rohit Saraf


Both Leo and Saggi are fire signs and they bring passion and that enviable intensity to their relationship. This helps Saggitarians come over their commitment issues too. If Leo comes into Rohit’s life and they give each other a chance, they will have an interesting relationship. While Leo will act bossy, the Saggi will do their own thing but in the end, both will come together and be that fireball together.

Cancer with Rohit Saraf

They are great together! But sometimes in certain situations, they may not be on the same page as always. Both the zodiacs are very creative and they are very generous. The only issue that can tip their boat is Saggi’s commitment phobia. This can hurt the Cancerian who is very loyal. The casual friendship between them would be the best, may even set examples, give friendship goals but a relationship can be a bit dicey.

Sagittarius with Rohit Saraf

The pairing of two Saggis together is no joke. The two souls are bound to form a quick bond and the sole reason for this would be their love for independence, their spunkiness and their hunger and passion to explore the world. They shall respect each other, and maintain individual space but the only catch would be that both have to be patient with each other due to the individual temper issues. They can make great friends but their relationship as a couple would not last.

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