Zero Box Office: Advance booking for this Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma starrer has started, though not fully fledged but it’s on for the public to book their seats. The screens are not sure yet and the whole scenario will get clear by Thursday.


The trade pundits are expecting the movie to touch the 30 crore mark on its 1st day but a major part of that depends on the advance booking. Let’s see where the movie is standing right now.

Zero Box Office Advance Booking Update: Check Out Where It Stands Right Now!
Zero Box Office Advance Booking Update: Check Out Where It Stands Right Now!

It’s too early to say anything but if we have to judge the current scenario, the movie is majorly in the green zone. There are few oranges but too few to mention. Yes, some sections of certain shows are filling fast which could be the start of something big.


Delhi is minutely better than Mumbai but still not a huge change. With a couple of already sold out shows, there are some in orange (filling fast). Delhi should show signs of improvement starting from today.

The centre spot of spot-bookings is expected in the green (available) zone as we write. Few of the shows are filling fast and one show is sold out but if you’ve been following the advance booking story, we know how Pune can turn out its sides on the day of its release. Hoping, same is the case for Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero.

As of now, just 3 theaters have opened the advance booking of Zero and by today many more theaters should initiate the same. Each of all these cinemas is still yet to go in the filling fast zone.

Shah Rukh Khan’s home ground lies somewhere between Delhi and Mumbai as far as the advance booking is concerned. The shows are still in the available zone but when you see in the detail, there are sections filling fast and even sold out.




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