Will Sooryavanshi Help Akshay Kumar To Reach 2000 Points In Star Ranking To Join Salman Khan's League?
Sooryavanshi To Help Akshay Kumar With 300 Points In Star Ranking? (PC: Instagram)

If there’s any movie we are growing older while waiting to watch is Sooryavanshi. Earlier scheduled to release in March 2020, the film is postponed to infinity, all thanks to COVID-19. Thankfully, makers have still not opted for an OTT release and seem adamant about releasing it on the big screen. Whenever it releases, there’s no doubt that it will be Akshay Kumar’s highest grosser ever. But will it help him touching 2000 points in Star Ranking to join Salman Khan? Well, the chances are really good.

Before discussing anything else, let’s see what’s Star Ranking. Stars’ Power Index aka Star Ranking is a list where actors are ranked on the basis of their points. The points are calculated on the basis of the number of movies in 100, 200 crore and other coveted clubs. Also, 50 points (per movie) are granted if there’s any movie in the overseas’ top 10.

Speaking of 2000 points mark, Salman Khan is the only actor to achieve that mark. He currently stands at a total of 2500 points that is inclusive of- 9 movies in 100 crore club (900 points), 3 movies in 200 crore club (600 points), 3 movies in 300 crore club (900 points) and 2 movies in top 10 performers in the overseas list. Now, with Sooryavanshi, Akshay Kumar has a chance of joining Salman in 2000 points league.

Considering all the hype around Sooryavanshi and of course, the fandom of Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty, the movie has every single chance of crossing the 300 crore mark. Well, it surely depends on factors like if pandemic exists, festive release and much more. Considering the fact that the makers are still putting the release on hold, they must be confident of the product that has been made. Also, a good release period will be booked for a theatrical release. If everything falls in place, the movie will sure shot enter the 300 crore club.

As of now, Akshay Kumar holds 2nd position in Star Ranking with 1700 points. It includes- 11 movies in 100 crore club (100 points) and 3 movies in 200 crore club (600 points).

Click here for the points table.

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