What To Expect From Tenet At The Indian Box Office?
Tenet Box Office Predictions

Tenet Box Office Predictions: Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors from Hollywood where films are sold on his name. Regardless of the actors featuring in there, the unique narrative of his films have enticed audiences globally. More so, since he thinks big and makes his films for theatrical experience only. This is the reason why even though there were quite a few tempting offers that came the way of Tenet when the global lockdown began, he decided to wait and then chose to screen his film only in theatres, even if it was in a staggered manner.

Now that the government has allowed theatres to open in India as well, Tenet is finally hitting the screens this Friday. This is practically the first big-screen film that is arriving after Baaghi 3 that had released on 5th March, which means a gap of over 9 months. No wonder, Tenet has managed to excite audiences, even though there has been practically zero promotion around the film, other than its date announcement. That pretty much shows how a big-screen film will always manage to create hype without on-your-face promotion. On the other hand, the advance booking so far further shows that audiences have been waiting for a notable film to arrive which promises big-screen entertainment.

The film isn’t seeing a blockbuster showcasing though as the count of screens isn’t in 3000-4000 range, something that the best of Hollywood films enjoy. That’s not because the film is not worthy enough but the fact that multiplexes aren’t screening to the optimal as yet and haven’t opened all their properties since this is an experimental phase. As for single screens, many of those are yet to resume operations after 9 months of being closed. Moreover, there is a 50% maximum occupancy rule as well, which means the film can’t expect a 12-15 crores opening day, which it would have expected on a regular Friday.

However, it will take a start for sure and currently, anything in 4-5 crores range would also be a reason good enough to rejoice. One may remember that the last best day at theatres was the 4.03 crores opening day of Angrezi Medium and that was when pandemic had been declared as reality. After that the collections just kept skidding down. Hence, the first target for Tenet would be to go past that number as it would be a clear indication that first and foremost there are more audiences than before who want to venture in theatres and secondly, there is also good curiosity to check out the film.

All eyes are now on how things turn out to be this Friday. After all, if there is a biggie other than homegrown Sooryavanshi, Radhe or ‘83 that could fetch big crowds back in theatres this season, it is Tenet. Time and again, Hollywood had been looked at as the unwanted competition by many bigwigs in the Bollywood industry. However for a change, even Bollywood would be looking at Hollywood taking this risk and make inroads into theatres, hence bringing back audiences. The success of this film could well pave the way for other Hindi movies to start formulating their plans for an early arrival as well.

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