Shah Rukh Khan In
Shah Rukh Khan In

The collections of Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero film, Ra.One, fell on Monday and Tuesday, after a record-breaking 5-day weekend at the box-office. While the film managed to collect Rs. 6.25 crore in all-India net collection on October 31, it added another Rs. 5 crore to its kitty on November 1.

This takes the film’s seven day total to Rs. 103.25 crore (net). Note that collections mentioned above are the total of collections of all the three versions of Ra.One (Hindi, Telugu dubbed and Tamil dubbed).

Overseas Collections

Ra.One made an equivalent of Rs. 34 crore (gross collections) in first 7 days, after making Rs. 32 crore over the five day weekend. The film had opened very well in the Overseas circuit by making an equivalent of Rs. 6.50 crore on the opening day.

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  1. let’s break it down guys…
    170 Crore Gross Opening Weekend Worldwide all versions included, which made 96.1 Crores Net worldwide. Collections saw a dip in India from Sunday onwards making 18.7 Crores Gross (16.2 Crores Net), 9.7 Crores Gross (6.7 Crores Net) 9.4 Crores Gross ( 6.4 Crores Net) Early Estimates suggest 34 Crores Gross adding up to the tally from international markets. Early Estimates for Wenesday in India are same as of Tuesday from 8-10 Crores Gross. Which is a very good amount for a week day. Going through the pattern of Box Office it is evident that Ra.One will not be able to Cross 3 Idiots in India. And in Overseas it might head to touch a new landmark of 100 Crores. In India the movies is heading for 160 – 170 Crores Net. Which makes 230-240 Crores Gross, and an additional 100 from International markets makes it a very profitable venture for all involved.

    • which world are you leaving i dont believe komal even you believe then 5 days collection are 92 according komal and 7 days is 103 and 6th day is 6 cr then 7th day will be 8 to 10 cr hillarious just get out of dream jack sparrow

  2. RA.One is not a Hit

    Amod adds, “RA.One is not at all a success; forget being a hit. Those who have bought the film are going to lose money. The figures have started going down and if this continues, it’ll be difficult to match even the R 100 cr figure.”
    Komal Nahta, another film trade analyst insists, “The collection of RA.One on Monday was alarmingly low. Including the Tamil and Telugu versions, it made Rs 92 cr in India until Sunday. On its own, it made Rs 84 crore. It’s a success, but not a hit.”

  3. Ra.One Six Day Daily Figures

    Tuesday 1st November 2011 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The daily collections of Ra.One (Hindi) for the first six days are as follows.

    Wednesday – 14.85 crore nett

    Thursday – 22.90 crore nett

    Friday – 15.30 crore nett

    Saturday – 14.55 crore nett

    Sunday – 13.30 crore nett

    Monday – 6 crore nett approx

    TOTAL – 86.90 crore nett

  4. I have been reading a lot of negative comments on and the kind of movie it is.. but all i can say is even in its worst moments is better than bodyguard which was a pathetic excuse for a film

    • Raghu.. pat yourself by saying this…..; poor fans of SRK… LOL…!! with unbilievable fake story, fake drama, Adult ‘prono’ scenes (like ‘B’ grade movie) is better than a superb love story with family values and high-standard action packed drama ‘Bodyguard’? Wake up guys… come on… come out from the dream and blind-world, learn to accept which is bad! Like i don’t feel shame to say that ‘God Tussi Great Ho’ was a pathetic meaningless film, so why u feel shame to call Ra.One the worst film of the year with no family value, no reality; why u want to call a superb film ‘Bodyguard’ pathetic? Just because u are a SRK fan?? u have to hate Salman?? is it ur duty?? is it bound that u have to hate nd degrade anything comes from Salman?? Come on guys… thats not done. Bodyguard may be not the greatest Romantic+Action+Family drama but a sensible film lover will not deny that it was a decent film but of course 100 times better than Ra.One, i hope SRK’s Don will be a sensible film, but sorry SRK fans Ra.One is not up to the mark and not a SRK standard movie.

  5. Just wanted to verify what EROS is saying that RA.One has collected Rs 170 Crores in the 5 day weekend.Is it true?

  6. Jack..Ra.One will be a “profitable” venture for SRK but that depends on how much he charges normally for his movies normally and how much time he put into this one. SRK said he has put years of “PRE-PRODUCTION” time into the movie and 1.5 years for filming and production. Now with the way the movie is going, it seems that it might have recovered all its costs by now but now you have to take 55 crores out of the question as that belongs to the distributors share and in order for SRK to actually make money from Ra. One, the movie has to collect more than 200+ crores NET. Whatever the movie collects beyond that point will be pocketed by SRK and that looks very unlikely at this point unless things pick up tremendously this weekend for Eid. SRK normally charged 20-25 crores for his films and if he wants to pocket that much from Ra. One then the movie has to collect Rs. 225+.

  7. What people need to understand is that the movie was made on a Rs. 150 crore budget and despite recovering Rs. 170 crores, Rs. 55 crores is yet to be paid to the distributors of the film and that is when we can look at the profits. So the movie has to collect at least Rs. 205 crores (150+55) NET to see profits. At this time the movie has recovered around Rs. 170 crores which is still a high-balled figure but I will give it to SRK fans. That means Ra. One is yet to collect Rs. 35 crores before it can see any profits. Trade analysts are “high-balling” collected figures and “low-balling” costs of the film when in reality SRK himself announced the actual costs of Ra. One before its release. And ACTUAL (unbiased) figures can ONLY be accepted from BoxOfficeIndia.

  8. their is a KING WHOSE NAME IS “SHAH RUKH KHAN” n their r 2 parts of his ass 1 is SALMAN n another is GAYMIR

  9. Ra.One (Hindi) Collects A Huge 91.75 Crore In Seven Days
    Ra.One (Hindi) has had huge collections in the first seven days as it has collected nearly 91.75 crore nett. The film dropped around 15% on Tuesday as mass belts dropped heavily.
    The film may fall a little short of 100 crore nett in its extended nine day week but it has an extended four day weekend in its second week to put up good numbers.
    The best numbers have come from West Bengal, Mysore and TNK where it will emerge the top grosser for 2011. Rajasthan has also done well considering it is more of a big city multiplex film, how to collect 100 crore up?

  10. 7 days NET: 103 Crores for childrens, non-romantic, sci-fi superhero movie called Ra.One.

    SRK star power is the greatest of them all including Aamir & Salman.

    SRK is truly King Khan & biggest of the Khans.

    Hollywood reporter. First Week Ra.One internationally is $35 Million. More than Ra.One’s entire budget!!

    Again proves, internationally SRK=Bollywood. Big B, Sallu, Aamir who????

    Shah Rukh Khan has clearly reinvented himself in kid’s superhero avatar. It has done wonders at the box office so far.

  11. Lots of Love To SRK Many Many Congratulation To his Success of RA One I Wish Many Many Return Of the Day

  12. Sahrukh earned more than 100 crore for ra one..
    Its miricle!!!
    Kya sonch kar maine wo movie dekhi lekin itna sahrukh ka itna poor performance
    shayad pahle kabhi ne mai dekha. ..
    Apni life me frst time mujhe sahrukh ko gali dene ka mood ho raha hai…
    Sahrukh u have weakend ur self…
    Interval tak thik thak tha lekin ending to thik se karni thi..

  13. is flop film n compare it with bodyguard,the many comparisons has to be keep in mind such as ra1 released with 5000 screens n bodyguard realesed with 2700 n ticket prices are higher than bodyguard n bodyguard is in only in one language so thats why bodyguard is blockbuster of the n their is no doubt ki in present time salman is dabangg of bollywood.

  14. Bahut dushman hai zamane me srk ke par dnt worry u r always the king .bahut bad publicity ki film ki par 103.25cr kamali ek hafte me

  15. ekdam bakwas film hai children jaisa ho gaya hai film ka koi theme hi nahi hai.asli baadshah of bollywood is aamir.srk ko 3 idiots dekhne ko bolo kuch sabak mil jae.

  16. Updated Trade News…
    Wednesday 8.7 Crores Gross ( 5.9 Crores Net)
    Early Estimates for Thursday are around 8 to 8.5 Crores Gross ( 5 to 5.5 Crores Net)
    The film after 9 days is heading for 110 to 115 Crores Net in India. Overseas numbers are yet to be confirmed. On weekdays Ra.One could have managed better but considering the hype the numbers are not so good, the booking for Eid are extremely good. Early Estimates suggest that the second extended week will put up good numbers of around 30-40 Crores despite the release of Loot. As predicted before Ra.One is heading for 160-170 Crores Net in India.

  17. 170 Crore is a gross amount announced by EROS and it is worldwide. The number can be a notch down, but saying so just in the frist week of release is one of marketing strategy also. There is no doubt that Ra.One has put up some huge numbers for a wide worldwide release. The final fate is still depending on Indian collectons. It is a sure mega block buster overseas within 8 days of release surpassing all previous numbers. In India the movie is doing fairly well on weekdays. The big test is on second extended weekend which will decide the fate of Ra.One, Friday evening itself will bring up the results. What is confirmed is that the advance bookings for Eid holiday is extremely good.At places they are more than 35%

  18. ek flop film bcoz me bahut sare paise lagaya gaya hai aur 95% theater pe reliease hua hai but film koi jyada kamal nahi dikha paya jo ki sare public asha kar rahete. ra. one ki script bahut ghatia hai.but aap aamir ki film ki baat kijiye aamir khan apni 3 idiots film me 30-40 crore invest kiya tha lekin is film 300 crore ki business ki thi bcoz is film ka script bahut jyada achha tha.

  19. is not at all a hit. and whatever business it has doe i becoz of marketing and promotion.there is nothing in this movie. i wish better sense prevails on lest he loses all his sheen and charm

  20. ra one & bodygard dono flop film hai. sirf naam ke vajaise aur pablicity ke vajaise 5 dino me 100 crores ko paar karliya. baadme kya huva aapko to malum hai. asli super hit film dabangg aur singham hai. jo badme bhi achcha kiya.


  22. When RaOne got 103 crore in 7 days , u made headline but when it is down after 1st week compare to Bodyguard ,u r silent. Till now you don’t have the courage to show the extended week collection compare to Bodyguard.Ur views r biased.

  23. srk is real king of bollywood what he given to fan no other hero cant give like him he is family man i love u srk i know don 2 will rock don 2 will create one more record allway 1st choice is srk 4 films dhoom 3 even ek tha tiger after srk producers n directors will think abt some other hero srk is only king of king love u srk

  24. I think Sharukh and Salman are great actors .They should be frnds and make movies together then we will see how the records will create and take indian movies to another level

  25. It was the best movie i’ve eva seen………….. made 170 crores in 5 days……… which is true…….. i saw it in a news channel…….so it is true n the one who dont like it live in 1980’s and are stuck in the typical luv stories…….. this movie is really fun = there’s a logic which everyone doesnt understand and i must say that this film is for educated people not for illiterate…… i watched it 2 tym in cinema and suffered alot 2 ger seats bcz the house wax full till the next 1 month which makes it a big hit u really shud watch it

  26. it was the most wonderful and enjoyable movie i’ve eva seen i used to be a salman fan but after this movie i preffer shahrukh n alman go 2 hell the worst actor if u lyk


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