While a lot has been said in the media, blogs and social networking websites about how the collections of Ra.One compare to those of Bodyguard, we, at Koimoi.com, believe that the numbers should do the talking.


In fact, in our review of Ra.One, we had clearly mentioned all the pros and cons of the film as well as the business we expected the film to do. You might disagree with our conclusions, but then we had predicted that Ra.One will prove to be a profitable fare as back as September 19 this year (more than a month before the film’s release). We do not claim to be correct all the time; we just strive to be honest.

Since Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One has another two days of its first weekend left, it will take a while for a clearer picture to emerge. For now, here’s a round up of the first three days’ collections (approx. all India-net) of the top grossing films of 2011 (Bodyguard, Ready and Singham) and their comparison to the first three days’ collections of Ra.One. Hopefully, the below numbers will clarify the situation:

3-Day Comparative Figures of Top Grossers of 2011

All India-net collection
(in Rs. crores)
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 TOTAL
(in Rs. crores)
Ra.One 18 25 16 59
Bodyguard 21 18 13 51
Ready 13 12 15 40
Singham 9 10 12 31




  1. salman is real rock star…
    kanha bodyguard ke 3200 screens and
    kanha ra-one ke 5000 screen fight barabar ki honi chahiye ,,

    • no body stopped the makers of bodyguard to release it in 1000 more screens….and cut this crap abt more no. of screens….u were the same guys who wrote off shahrukh khan completely when his previous films released in lesser no. of screens and could nt match the stupendous collections of ghajini and 3 idiots…yess i am talking of my name is khan and rab ne bana di jodi…rab ne bana di jodi released in abt 1100 screens and still made around 95 crores…whereas aamir’s ghajini in 1500 screens and made 130 crores….no body was vouching for logic den….all u wanted to do then is write dis..’shah rukh khan dethroned’…..now if he is grossing higher than all these movies…accept his success gracefully…..i m a huge fan of salman khan too…but opinions should nt be made on a situational basis to suit your arguement…..

    • salman ke pas utna paisa nehi hai 5000 screen release kar ne ka…DON or Janemaan eksath release hua tha,pata hain na kya hua tha janemaan ka??Janemaan mein bhi to akshay kumar tha pura film mein,to kya ukhar liya salman ne?

      • tyson
        aare DON or Janemaan ke time par nahi ukhar liya
        par aab salman bar-bar ukhar raha hai………Ready,bodyguard,dabanng,wanted
        Ra.one..200 crore ki film banane ke bad bhi…

    • kuch naya dikhao bhai wahi ghissi piti story 5000 prints me release nahi hoti.bodyguard me hai bhi kya to dekhne layak.logone kaise hit ban di baki to movie ak bar bhi dekh ne layak nahi thi.wo bhi south ki remack achi to south ki movie thi.
      ra oneeeeeeeee fantastic vs avtar

    • abhay ye bhu to record tora hai ra one ne ke bodyguard ko 3200 screens mili release ko nd ra one ko 5000 ye achievment hai gandu pata hai nahi kuch anwin boli jae ga jesy film hoty hai utni hi screens milty hain kuss ke dhakan

  2. salman is one man army hai o kisike bhi uper deepend nahi hota or sharukh ke film me rajnikanth,amitab bachhan,priyanka chopra , multistar hote hai

    • srk kkkkkkkkkkkiiiinnnngggggggggg is king of bollywodd
      ghade k pass ayega kon jo kae bar jail me ja chuka ho logo k uper se wo bhi daru pike gadi chada chuka ho uski movie kon kam karega.
      srk great
      ra one fantastic

    • kisi pe depend nahi hota salman?? wo to ready me shahrukh k film ka gaana gaya…
      aur bodyguard me ddlj ka scene hi copy maar lia…. ab bol…

  3. Are you guys Dumb ? Ra.one was made with a budget of 150 crores where as BodyGuard was made in 60 Crores. Ra.one seems to be doing only about a couple of crores more than bodyguard where as it took 100 crores more than Bodyguard to make it. In the pure business sense – BodyGuard is a blockbuster where as Ra.one will be lucky to even break even.

    • mate…in pure business sense..since u have mentioned it..u r forgetting one thing den….ra one earned 132 crores even before its release…it has already earned 60 crores in india…100 crore india mein at least to ho hi jayenge…if his my name is khan earned abt 100 crores outside india with lesser no. of prints….this one too will touch 100 crores (at least) outside india….now u will tell me ki let’s just talk abt india collections…to me…it looks like gold…der is no luck in breaking even….bcos it broke even in terms of money way before it actually released

    • till when we will keep looking at Hollywood VFX n say that in Bollywood such VFX cant be possible as now SRK has proved that we can make better VFX n even best VFX if or movie get finanical support like hollywood movies does so support it i agree the story is that good but frankly speaking hollywood has experimented with each n every superhero movie so enjoy the VFX n indian audience r not yet ready to Sci-Fic movie which i think specially about the games

    • Do you really believe SRK thought his movie will make 200-300 corores????then you are stupid to think SRK is stupid…sometimes people want to make movies n thats why RA.One was made…..
      Rmemeber a Sci fi movie made properly will always cost hugely….

      wanna know what it means then watch Jurassic Park made in 1960s which was a Flop…..n also Jurassic Park made in 90s by Speilberg


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