Update: In light of additional collections received from our representatives from all over India, the total net collections of Bodyguard are revised to Rs. 86.10 crore. These collections are historic and the Salman Khan starrer has beaten all opening week records in just 5 days! The revised day-wise collections are as follows: Wednesday – Rs. 21 crore; Thursday – Rs. 17.50 crore; Friday – Rs. 13.25 crore; Saturday – Rs. 14.85 crore and Sunday – Rs. 19.50 crore. Total – Rs. 86.10 crore.

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard has broken all records for the opening weekend, making a total of Rs. 83.50 crore (all-Indian net collections) over its first weekend at the box-office. The film, which opened to record-breaking houses on Wednesday (August 31), saw festive crowds and fans pouring into theatres in large numbers in spite of the mixed reports it got. By any standards, the opening weekend’s collections are superb. In fact, Bodyguard will go down in history as the fastest grosser till now.


Salman Khan's Bodyguard Movie Stills

After the opening day’s collection of Rs. 20.50 crore (all-India net), the Salman Khan starrer went ahead and scored at the box-office by adding Rs. 17.50 crore on Thursday, Rs. 12 crore (Friday), Rs. 13.50 crore (Saturday) and Rs. 20 crore (Sunday) to its kitty. Point to note is that Bodyguard has surpassed the entire first week’s (7 days) collections of Dabangg (Rs. 81 crore) in its first weekend (5 days)!

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