The Salman Khan starrer Bodyguard opened in several countries worldwide on Tuesday (August 30) and not on Wednesday (August 31) as was the case in India. In Dubai, the film collected an unimaginable and earth-shattering 11 lakh dirhams on the opening day (Tuesday). The previous opening day record was held by another Salman Khan starrer, Dabangg, which had collected 7 lakh dirhams. Although both Dabangg and Bodyguard are Eid releases, the new film has surpassed the old one by a huge margin.


The initial in UK, where also the film released on Tuesday (August 30), was phenomenal. The first day’s gross was a whooping 60,000 pounds. Point to be noted is that usually if a film releases even a day before the scheduled day (Friday), the collections are not up to the mark. But in the case of Salman Khan’s film, they are not just good but outstanding.

So it’s not just in India that the audiences have gone berserk over Bodyguard, but Salman Khan’s fans all over the world have given his latest starrer the warmest welcome anybody can imagine.



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