The trade hints at 300 Crore for PK, as the movie shows up impressive figures each passing day. Taking the second highest spot as the non-holiday opener following Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 and holding the Highest 1st Week Collections record, PK despite having shelved in few single screens, is going strong and has picked up excellently well with positive word of mouth and reviews by the critics.

As the holiday week kick started yesterday, here we bring to you the word from the trade experts.

Aamir Khan in a PK movie poster
Aamir Khan in a PK movie poster

N.R Pachisia (Producer and Distributor, Mumbai): 

The business of PK is on the expected line. Finally the numbers have come in and the movie is already established. Commenting on has the business being affected by not having screened in few single screens, then I would say that it could have added the numbers, but it has not affected the collections largely. PK is a multiplex film, and I don’t know why people don’t agree, but the movie infact has picked up very well with the word of mouth and even the media has given thumbs up. And yesterday being a big holiday, it again made big numbers, and looking at the response it is getting at the Box- Office the movie is seen heading towards 200 Cr with a fast pace. Will the movie make 300 Cr, well, that can only be decided after next week, but, yes, the film is heading towards big numbers.

Tarun Tandon (M.D, Indra Films, Nizam and Andhra):

Yes, I definitely think the numbers are as per expectations and we are looking at the movie which is going to do 300 Cr. So, I think its performance is at par at what the expectations were and I think it might succeed the expectations also as we still have 1st January too as a Holiday. So with the number of holidays the movie is going to break all records. The opening day wasn’t that big, but, then with the reviews and word of mouth, the movie has picked up over the weekend and Sunday was fabulous. We cannot say that the movie has disappointed us in any way. Looking at my territory there is no drop in the Nexus. The Nexus are rock steady. PK is a movie which has the potential to go beyond 300 crore lifetime collections. There is no drop, the way normal movies drop, good movies with good reviews even have a drop, but we are not seeing that kind of drop in PK.

Akshaye Rathi (Exhibitor, Mumbai):

The conditions obviously are as expected or rather more awfully expected. The movie has sustained fabulously through the week. Yesterday being Christmas, the collections were huge and the movie is going to sustain fabulously in the winter vacation. And the way the film has sustained, 99.9% we are looking at PK as the biggest grosser ever. The movie’s collections were hardly affected by not getting released in few single screens, it was almost negligible.

So, while the trade experts predict that PK will make a 300 Crore business easily, what do you think?

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  1. PK shud b first film to collect 100 cr in 2nd week may touch 300 in 17/ 18 days Raj Kumar Hirani himself is like munna bhai his jaadu ki jhappi is enough for grand success he is Parasmani of Bollywood ( his touch can turn to gold )

  2. Shut up Z K & stop comparing Khans. If you don’t like AK then don’t watch his films n stop reading news about it.Come on air only when SK is around. SIMPLE. Now get it to your small hole. Otherwise you will have a heart attacks daily.

  3. Yes PK is great movie,good acting and comedy but why only hindu gods are exploited,targeted and embarrassed by keeping pictures of lord hanuman and lord shiva on cheeks or installing stone and mocking at lord shiva in the crowd on the busy road.If it is a message of gurus who are exploiting religious sentiments of the people than it is in every religion,why the directors and actors are scared to show the same for masjid,madressa and maullvis who sponsor terrorism on the name of religion.It is shame and cowerdness for us hindus to take such openly humiliation of our gods .What will the new generation think and absorb from this act who are born and brought up here.It is an insult of hindu gods which only muslim actor can do.Any hindu actor won’t do it or will stay away.Even if he does people will demonstrate or agitate against it.Why they are scared to do the same act with muslim allah.Can any hindu actor act the same way for muslim god.If in any country somebody play with their holy quran entire muslim community in the world oppose it and spread violence. Do you think 20% muslims in india would tolerate it but yes we hindus will take such insult of our gods in the name of acting,movie and comedy.How many times our gods are humiliated in this movie,every 15 minutes. OK enjoy it but stop going to temple or stop keeping gods pictures in our home. Some of our Americanized will say oh, this is only a movie but do not understand how our gods are being insulted for our own fun on the name of comedy. JUST THINK AND YOU WILL GET ANSWER.


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