Napoleon & Wish's 5-Day Weekend Performance At The Worldwide Box Office
Worldwide Box Office Performance Of Napoleon & Wish During 5-Day Extended Weekend(Photo Credit –IMDb)

The extended 5-day weekend, including Thanksgiving and Black Friday, has worked in the favour of Joaquin Phoenix-led Napoleon as it has exceeded expectations at the worldwide box office. On the other hand, Disney’s Wish has performed much beyond the projected score. So, it was a surprising weekend run on both sides. Keep reading to know more!

Not all clashes are bad!

This year, we have seen several box office clashes, and the most impactful was Barbie versus Oppenheimer. That competition helped both films to gain momentum. This time, too, genres are different, and considering a varying set of audiences, both biggies are managing to co-exist at ticket windows. As far as the weekend battle is concerned, the Joaquin Phoenix starrer is having a huge lead.

Napoleon exceeds the worldwide box office projection

Days before the release of Napoleon, the film was projected to earn around $22 million at the North American box office during its Wednesday to Sunday run. In the overseas market, it was expected to rake in $24 million during the weekend. Overall, the biggie was expected to do a business of $46 million at the worldwide box office during the opening weekend.

In reality, Napoleon had a glorious opening weekend, and as per Deadline’s report, the film is estimated to earn $78.8 million at the worldwide box office. It has raked in $46.3 million from the overseas market from Wednesday to Sunday. So, if compared with the projection, the Joaquin Phoenix starrer has exceeded expectations by $32.8 million, and that’s insane.

Disney’s Wish underperforms

Before the release of Wish, it was projected to earn $45-$50 million at the North American box office during the extended opening weekend of 5 days. In overseas, the animated fantasy film was expected to earn $25 million, taking the overall projected score to $75 million globally.

In the actual run, the film has brought in just $49 million at the worldwide box office (estimates), and out of it, $17.3 million is coming in from the overseas market. So, we can clearly see that this Disney biggie hasn’t performed up to the mark in the domestic market.

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