Godzilla Vs Kong Is Releasing At Indian Box Office With Very Less Awareness
Amid The War Of Godzilla & Kong, The Bigger Monster Is Turning Out To Be COVID-19(Photo Credit – Twitter)

Warner Bros’ new Hollywood biggie Godzilla vs Kong is all set to release in India on March 24. The Adam Wingard directorial is a Sci-Fi/Action film that carries huge anticipation among its target audience worldwide.


Godzilla vs Kong is a sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island. The film which stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri and others in the important roles is also the 12th part of the King Kong franchise and the fourth Godzilla film.


It’s an exciting film for cinema lovers worldwide because it will show two iconic monsters Godzilla and Kong fighting it out with each other. In India, the film is releasing 1 week before it hits in the US and hence it’s pretty much a good chance for the fans here to witness the magic before Americans.

But before, the film releases in the cinemas on March 24, let’s check out how much buzz the film is carrying in the Indian market.


The theatres opened in India in October and it has been more than 6 months since then. However, due to the lack of marketing of the post-lockdown releases, there are still many people who don’t know about it. Now despite being a big and super exciting Hollywood project, Godzilla vs Kong doesn’t have many people knowing about it and the reason is a less aggressive marketing campaign.

The trailer of the film released two months back and was really impactful though.

Godzilla vs Kong hasn’t done well on its reach part and hence I’ll rate it as 4/10.


In India, the COVID-19 pandemic is in very bad condition. On one side, there’s a vaccination drive going on and on the other side, major states like Maharashtra & Punjab are suffering badly from peaking graph of the new daily cases. This has also led to some serious restrictions like night curfew and weekend lockdowns in various parts.

Also, there’s a pre-examination or examination period of students is going on. Now teenagers and kids are a huge part of the target audience of this film. With barriers like these, they can’t really come out of their homes and watch a film in cinemas. Hence, unfortunately, Godzilla vs Kong is likely to be a lowkey affair in India.

I’ll rate the current buzz of the film as 3/10

The latest major Hindi releases in India have suffered badly from the pandemic and hence, Hollywood release Godzilla vs Kong is going to suffer more. Even if this film gets an opening of 1 crore in India, it will be an achievement. Anything more is of course a bonus. The target of the film will be to sustain in the cinemas for a long period. Because as the vaccination drive continues, herd immunity will come into play and more people will be confident to visit cinemas.

If it gets good word of mouth, many people will love to watch a visual spectacle like this on the big screens, even if they feel like watching it two or three weeks later.

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