Godzilla Vs Kong Is Slated To Release In India On March 24
Godzilla Vs Kong’s Advance Booking Is Lukewarm But Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai Are Making Some Promise ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Big Hollywood release, Godzilla Vs Kong is now less than a day away from its release in India. The film is having a wide release nationwide in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & English and in several cinematic versions like 2D, IMAX 2D, 4DX & MX4D.


In a normal situation, the film would’ve released with huge expectations. However, in these troubled times, the makers haven’t spent much on marketing which the awareness is low.


The advance booking of Godzilla vs Kong is now going on and here’s how the trends so far look like.


The city is badly suffering from the pandemic but that hasn’t stopped cinema lovers from watching films. While the advance booking response of Godzilla vs Kong is nothing close to expected, there are still many people booking the tickets before its release.

If we talk about the English 2D version, there are a few shows which are promising healthy occupancies and are on the verge of getting sold out soon.

There’s no response to Hindi 2D & IMAX 2D versions yet but English 4DX & English MX4D shows are getting pretty good sales. While the former has 50% shows filling fast, the latter has 75% shows with healthy occupancies.


In the case of several post lockdown films, we’ve observed that Delhiites are mostly relying on spot bookings. The pandemic is pretty in control in the National Capital but people are not booking tickets for the films in advance. This trend has been visible even in the case of the latest Hollywood release.

While the English 4DX version has 25-30% shows getting filled fast, there’s no response to English IMAX 2D & Hindi 2D yet.


Bengaluru is also relying on spot bookings mostly as English 2D & English IMAX 2D versions haven’t got any response yet. Same is the case with Tamil & Telugu 2D versions. However, English 4DX is promising something with 50% good shows.


Hyderabad has started picking up here and is performing even better than Mumbai. Of course, the number of shows are lesser than in Mumbai but the booking rate here is faster.

The English 2D version has 10-15% fast filling shows already and hold your breath, English 4DX is totally sold out for the day. Telugu 2D version has also got a decent response here with 25% shows promising healthy occupancies.

Ahmedabad & Chandigarh

There’s no response yet in these cities.


One of the major southern city has always done well when it comes to Hollywood films. No wonder, Godzilla vs Kong has got a better release compared to recent Hindi films here.

The English 2D version of the film has 10-15% good shows so far and English IMAX 2D is also on the verge of selling out 80% of shows. Tamil 2D version hasn’t got any response yet.


Pune is not good as far as the rate of booking is concerned. While there are only a few good English 2D shows, IMAX is yet to come in the sight of the audience. Hindi 2D shows have also found less patronage and there are only 3 shows for the 4DX format. Out of these three, one is sold out.

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