Fast & Furious 9 Box Office (China): Scores A Shattering $100 Million In Just Two Days!
Fast & Furious 9 Box Office (China): Scores A Shattering $100 Million! (Pic Credit: IMDb)

Fast & Furious 9 (F9) is undoubtedly having a dream run at the China box office. The Vin Diesel led actioner, in a lot of ways, is the first big-screen masala entertainer post the virus break. It released in China last Friday, i.e. 21st May, and since then, it has earned over $100 million at the box office.

It started with a few paid preview shows on Thursday night which accumulated over $9 million. The reports in China stated that word of mouth of the film around its buzz isn’t good. But as with every F&F movie, even this one is looking to sail through with flying colours.


Post the preview shows F9 went ahead to clock $59 million on Friday, as reported by Forbes. This was a huge number considering the country is still emerging from a very strict lockdown.


It was predicted that Saturday would see a minor drop in the collections after the humongous first day. A similar thing happened as it bagged $47 million on its second day at the China box office. But, the real test for the film will begin from Monday as the weekend is usually reserved for the die-hard fans of such popular franchises.

The word-of-mouth reviews fail to impact the first weekend significantly, but after that is where Fast & Furious 9 will face the real test. This means the movie has earned a total of $106 million in just two days (minus the premiere shows). Adding the paid preview’s collection, the film stands at the grand total of $115 million.

Meanwhile, Vin Diesel recently revealed that he was unsure about being part of the Fast And Furious.

Interview with Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Binge’ podcast, according to a report in, he said, “Universal ended up being involved in the release of ‘Pitch Black’, the only other movie I had done of that size, and so they said, ‘We got this movie that’s about illegal street car racing, and we want you to play this character, who’s a tough guy, outlaw, with a heart and a code’. “Then they describe that scene you see in the first movie, where the camera goes through my eye and down my arm and into the engine, and that’s the only thing they described. And I said, ‘Yes, I’m in!'” he said in an

However, Vin Diesel started having doubts about the Fast & Furious franchise after some time. “The next day, I’m supposed to go the premiere in Australia for ‘Pitch Black’, and I read the script, and I go — I’m conflicted here because this script is not what I thought it would be,” he recalled.

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