Box Office - Do Baaraa opens better than expected, can grow over the weekend
Dobaaraa Box Office Day 1 Updates!(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

It was predicted in this column that Dobaaraa would take a start of 30-50 lakhs. Well, there is a bit of a pleasant surprise as the numbers are better than expected. The collections have come to 0.72 crores and that intact sounds like some sort of a number at least, especially in the current times when nothing at all is working at the box office.

The film has been released on just 370 screens and there too the show count isn’t massive. It was always meant to be a word-of-mouth affair and hence, footfalls were hardly there in the morning shows but things improved in the prime-time evening shows, something that’s always the case with core multiplex films.



Again, 0.72 crores are hardly the kind of numbers to cheer about since all of this is just relatively speaking because one expected half of that to begin with. Still, when the majority of films, whether big or small, are dead on arrival this year, at least Dobaaraa has got a stage for itself where it can perhaps grow.

The reviews for Dobaaraa are mixed and are also polarised, which was again expected since it’s a cerebral affair where entertainment has a different meaning for different people. Hence, it would all boil down to the business that comes from the key multiplexes of the major cities.

If the collections double up today and end up being in the 1.50 crores range then it would be game on for this Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu film.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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