Deadpool & Wolverine: Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Might Prove To Bring Marvel Out Of Its Financial Slump
Deadpool & Wolverine: Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Might Prove To Bring Marvel Out Of Its Financial Slump (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Deadpool & Wolverine dropped its first teaser last Sunday, and it is here with a lot of hope and promise for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ryan Reynolds again reprises his role as the Merc with a Mouth, and Hugh Jackman comes out of retirement to play everyone’s favorite mutant, Logan. The prequels have a few records to their name, and this one might successfully bring the Marvel fans back to the theatres and mint in good cash.

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether people are tired of superhero movies now, and it cannot be overlooked as both Marvel and DC films have been doing poorly at the box office. Marvel has been struggling since Avengers: Endgame and the only film which brought in colossal success was 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although James Gunn’s farewell MCU film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, has also been appreciated and was a commercial success, it was not enough to bring in the numbers that Tom Holland’s movie managed to achieve. Another film that came very close to the $1 billion mark was Doctor Strange 2, with $952.22 million in earnings.

Spider-Man: No Way Home perfectly used the multiverse to bring Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parkers, leading to its massive box office success, earning $1.92 billion. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool & Wolverine has the same advantage as it is bringing Hugh Jackman back in the game as Wolverine. There have been several Spider-Men over the years, but the fans only saw Hugh as the clawed mutant, and they love watching him in that character. His comeback is enough to draw the audiences in the theatres.

Deadpool & Wolverine took away Spider-Man: No Way Home’s title of the most-viewed movie trailer. The 2021 film ranked number one with 355.5 million views in its first 24 hours, while Ryan’s film dethroned it by gaining 365 million views within 24 hours of release. The teaser came out during the halftime of the Super Bowl. There is a chance that this movie might break Marvel’s dry spell of hitting the $1 billion mark finally after almost three years.

Box office records set by Deadpool 1 & 2

Deadpool 1 broke 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded’s highest opening weekend record for an R-rated movie. The same record was again broken by Deadpool 2 in 2018, which was held by It then. The first film was made on a reported budget of $58 million, earning $782.8 million. The sequel had a budget of $110 million, and it earned $785.89 million.

The fans have long been waiting for Deadpool & Wolverine, and it has been six years since the second part.

Shawn Levy directed the film, which will be released on July 26. Check out the film’s first official teaser here:

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