In the last 8 years, the month of April has seen the release of successful films like Housefull, Housefull 2, Aashiqui 2, 2 States, Fast and Furious 7, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Jungle Book, Baaghi, Fast and Furious 8, Baahubali 2 and Avengers: Infinity War. While Housefull, Housefull 2, 2 States, Baaghi and Fast & Furious 8 were hits or super hits at the Box-Office, films like Aashiqui 2, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Fast and Furious 8, Jungle Book, Baahubali 2 and Avengers: Infinity Wars proved to be massive blockbusters.


An interesting point to note here is the fact that all the above-mentioned films except Aashiqui 2 majorly appealed to the Family Audience or Youth of India and the collections of above mentioned films prove that month of April and May are indeed fruitful period for films to release as the school and college going students are enjoying their “Summer Holidays”.

Down South and even in Hollywood, a lot of films are often packaged as the big budget summer Blockbusters, and unknowingly even in the Hindi Film Belt, a lot of films have proved to be the big summer releases. Without putting any effort to package them as the summer releases, the films in our industry have proved to be successful.

In the vacations, most of the families take their children along to watch a film that is appealing and entertaining and that is exactly what has happened over the years. While a perception around this period has not been built yet, this is indeed a holiday period wherein the films can do a bit better business as compared to the other release dates of the year apart from the national holidays. While a lot of film-makers are skeptical to release their films during the summer holiday’s due to fear of IPL, the list of films mentioned above just prove that the family audience is eagerly wanting to watch the right films in the summer vacation period.


Next year will see the release of Kalank and Avengers: Infinity War in April and May, are we are quite sure that the same will get support from the Youth and Family Audience alike. Just like the industry has built a perception of festive releases, it is about time someone taps into the market of summer holidays and builds the perception of the film being the big budget summer Blockbuster, which gets the entire family in the cinema hall.

As a person who has been watching Bollywood movies since last 15 years and trying to understand the dynamics of business, I am quite confident that the month of April and May can indeed be a lucrative period for Bollywood from the business point of view, as getting entertained in an AC cinema hall is one of the best and easiest way to beat the heat. Rather than not releasing films during this period due to fear of IPL, the industry should indeed start tapping onto this market.

Here’s a look at the successful films in April and May since 2010:

30th April 2010: Housefull

5th April 2012: Housefull 2

26th April 2013: Aashiqui 2

18th April 2014: 2 States

2nd April 2015: Fast and Furious 7

22nd May 2015: Tanu Weds Manu Returns

8th April 2016: Jungle Book

29th April 2016: Baaghi

12th April 2017: Fast and Furious 8

28th April 2017: Baahubali 2

27th April 2017: Avengers: Infinity War




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