Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor

Director: Sabbir Khan

Fan Movie Poster
Fan Movie Poster

What’s Good: Action is the only good element in this film. From hand to hand combat to Kalaripayattu, the action is well-captured.

What’s Bad: A wafer-thin plot that is laden with cliches.

Loo Break: Yes! I suggest one or two in both halves.

Watch or Not?: Not unless you have a taste for films that have a banal plot.

User Rating:

We are told Ronny (Tiger Shroff) is a rebel. Don’t ask why! His father, in order to get him disciplined sends him off to Kerala at his friend’s martial arts academy. Naturally, he is much of a rule-breaker there.

On his journey to the academy, Ronny meets the over-chirpy, talking to the clouds kind of girl Sia (Shraddha Kapoor). She is an upcoming actress in her father’s (Sunil Grover) film.  Boy-meets-girl, exchange a few words and are in love!

Wait a second, there is also a villain. Raghav (Sudheer Babu) too is in love with Sia or more like obssesed with her.

Will Ronny and Sia’s love survive amidst Raghav’s nasty plans is what the story is all about.

Baaghi Review: Script Analysis

After Heropanti, Tiger Shroff waited two years for his second film and I wonder what he found in this script.

Baaghi cannot be called a romantic action drama. It is merely action without reason drama. It comes with a cliched script of a one-sided love becoming the thorn in a rosy affair. What is weird is, the inclusion of the whole Karate kid style training angle in it.

To start off, the script fails to establish its characters properly. Ronny does not have any background, he is just a rebel. Sia seems to smoking some substances which may cause her character to have a ‘happy-go-lucky’ nature all through the day. She is irritably chirpy!

Sia’s character keeps repeating a line ‘Tu bohot aage jayega’ but unfortunately we cannot say the same about our lead or even the story in this case.

Comic elements are inserted via Sunil Grover and Sanjay Mishra’s characters. They are cringeworthy in most cases and give you only a few chuckles.

The first half is extremely quick in the first fifteen minutes itself. That may be the case because by the second half, there is no story to tell, only action to showcase. The writers even forget to give dialogues for the second half as Ronny has to fight it out with Raghav’s men for 10 floors! Who needs dialogues for that? Besides, we already know the end, so the makers put in zero efforts to change that!

Baaghi Review: Star Performance

Tiger Shroff de-grades with his second film. He was much better in his debut Heropanti. His weakness as an actor mainly reflects in the emotional scenes, as far as the action goes, he completely kills it.

Shraddha Kapoor does a la Ek Villain. She over-acts even when she is just batting her eyelid. In spite of that, she is one of the key selling points of the film and for that she should have been utilized more. Her limited action sequences are certainly worth a mention!

Sudheer Babu plays the lead antagonist. Apart from his drool worthy abs, the South sensation puts up an average act.

Sunil Grover does a good job as Sia’s father who is funny yet sly. Sadly his character is forgotten in the second half by the writers.

Sanjay Mishra does a cameo as a blind cabbie in Thailand. He is funny only till a certain point.

Baaghi Review: Direction, Music

Sabbir Khan came up with Heropanti two years back. The film marked Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon’s debut and was even received well by the audiences thanks to its commercial quotient. With Baaghi, the director gets a little over ambitious and makes a film that is inspired from The Raid : Redemption. While he manage to make Baaghi watchable with its slick action, as a storyteller he fails to execute the right balance of romance and action.

Shot across Kerala and Bangkok, the film’s cinematography is fresh yet below-potential. Repeated shots of the antagonist’s ten floored building are a nuisance.

From the action point of view, the film excels and an agile camera-work compliments it.

Baaghi Review: The Last Word

Baaghi is an out and out action flick, which is ruined by romance and a tepid plot. I am going with a 2/5 for this film!

Baaghi Trailer

Baaghi releases on 29th April, 2016.

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  1. Lol…it is 3.5 atleast. The loose story etc is over shadowed by high gripping action of Tiger. Will be smash hit.

  2. Story super Hai
    Dialogue toh pucho mat itna ache hai
    Music thik Thak hai
    action amzing hai
    Acting tiger sir ne bohat bdiya ki shradha ki thik thi sudheer babu ne villain ka role bohat achi tarha se nibhaya
    Direction sabbir sir ko main salam karta itni bdiya movie banayi

  3. Please meri is baat ko ghor se parnha mujhe nahi pata k SRK ne aisa Q kaha ke india mai intolerance hai lekin Amir khan ne bhi tu kaha hai na k india intolerant country hai phir amir khan Q discuss nahi hota.. Mai aap sab friends se ye kahoonga ke bollywood ko international market mai introduced karwanay wala SRK hain main ne Singapore, Dubai aur Malaysia mai SRK ki movies restaurant or hotels mai lagi hoi daikhi hai jisay formers kitna enjoy kartain hain SRK india ka ambassador hain please aap log apnay mulk ke ambassador ko eik ghlti ki itni bari saza nahi de sakte.
    Zara Socho

    • bhai tune movie dekhi hai, kitni bakwas movie thi, flop toh honi thi, bhai pehle soch kar bola kar, pehle tolo phir bolo. bhai Tiger Shroff ka action dekha hai best hai, and uski acting bhi. har baar naam se movie nai chalti hai, kaam se chalti hai.

  4. Amazing movi Tiger Ki Acting nd tiger ke Actions ne To hillllaaaaaa Diya bhai…..First time mene Bollywood movi me aisa actions dekhe…..Hai or ye me hi nahi baki bhi acche se jante hai jisne movi dekhi hai……i love baaghi movi…..blockbuster of the year

  5. Film hum kyou dekhne jaate h entertainment ke like Aur baaghi entertainment ka bharpur dhamaka h movie super hit h….. bhai log

  6. I felt the review nailed some of the issues.

    Let’s get one thing out of the way. Baaghi is not Babangg or Kick – it is not a movie that will appeal to the masses. It knows its audiences and the audiences it targets are action movie lovers. Yes, there is love story but it only serves as a purpose the fuel the action.

    What’s good – Tiger Sheroff. I think he is one of those rare actors who have it all. He can pass as a your next-door neighbor kind of guy who can also fight. Mark my words, he will your next Hritik (sorry, if I spelled wrong) in the making. The young star definitely poured his heart out in the film. The action was good, unfortunately the brutal parts were cut from the UK release but they were still enjoyable.

    What’s bad – There is a storyline that engages but its the storytelling that I think should have been worked on. The blind taxi driver bit were totally unnecessary. In fact the comical parts of the taxi driver could have been used to expand the storyline (yup, that’s storytelling).

    All in all,if you are expecting to see a love story, you are not going to enjoy it. If you want to see an action flick with loads of head bashing moves, you are in for a treat.

  7. these paid review writers write rave reviews about salaman srk movies even to if they are rubbish. BAAGHI IS A COMPLETE ENTERTAINER. AMAZINGLY REFRESHING



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