Akshay Kumar, the Khiladi of Bollywood is always known as the producer’s actor. It is almost guaranteed today that his films will earn huge profits at the box office.

But did you know that the actor has delivered 50 flops in the career span of 25 years? Over the years, his career has witnessed many ups and downs, when it comes to box office performance.

Akshay Kumar Has Delivered 50 Flops in 25 Years
Akshay Kumar Has Delivered 50 Flops in 25 Years

But in the last few years, he has become one of the most bankable stars. Akshay has 4 films in the 100 crore club which are Rowdy Rathore, Housefull 2, Holiday and recent one Airlift.

Check out the list of disastrous films of Akshay Kumar right here:

Saugandh 1.4 crore
Dancer 1.55 crore
Mr Bond 0.65 crore
Deedar 1.1 crore
Dil Ki Baazi0.85 crore
Waqt Hamara Hai 1.9 crore
Sainik 0.7 crore
Zakhmi Dil 0.9 crore
Ikke Pe Ikka 0.85 crore
Hum Hain Bemisaal1.2 crore
Amanat 1.45 crore
Maidan-E-Jung 3.4 crore
Nazar Ke Saamney 2.5 crore
Paandav 2.25 crore
Tu Chor Main Sipahi 6 crore
Aflatoon 4.75 crore
Insaaf 4 crore
Daava 3.75 crore
Lahoo Ke Do Rang 3.8 crore
Taraazu 2.95 crore
Barood 6.25 crore
Keemat 5 crore
Angaaray 2.7 crore
Zulmi 5 crore
Aarzoo 6.25 crore
Sangharsh 5.25 crore
Khiladi 420 5.2 crore
Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya 6 crore
Jaani Dushman 4.75 crore
Talaash 6.25 crore
Police Force 4.95 crore
Aan 10.25 crore
Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahi 0.2 crore
Ab Tumhare Hawaale Watan Saathiyon 11 crore
Insaan 7.5 crore
Mere Jeewan Saathi 6.25 crore
Dosti 10.5 crore
Deewane Hue Paagal 14.5 crore
Humko Deewana Kar Gaye 14.5 crore
Family 7.75 crore
Jaan-E-Man 25.5 crore
8X10 Tasveer 15.5 crore
Blue 39.5 crore
Chandani Chowk To China 30.25 crore
Action Replayy 34 crore
Patiala House 32 crore
Thank You 46 crore
Joker20 crore
Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara 65 crore
Boss 54 crore

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  1. It’s no secret that Akshay is one of the actors who has given many flops in the past. Doing more movies than others obviously means delivering more flops than others. Success and Failure are equal parts of an actor’s career, but your fan’s love is what that shows your true stardom.

    • No matter how many flops you are giving. But when you are still be liked by everyone that is a very big achievement.

  2. i would love 2 know how many flops khans have??Plz do write about that also.i dont think no. of flops matter when they r still superstars nd with every movie akshay sir gets better.Really proud of his performances,even after 50 flops he tries 2 give something new 2 us nd keep doing hard work.

  3. He has done more than 100 films, it means more than 50 hit films and success rate is more than 50%. No body can beat him on hit films count, cumulative all Khan hit movies also will be less than him. Salute to Indias most bankable superstar, a long way to go. He never stops entertaining us. Keep rocking.

  4. This means most of his films that people call flops like Tees Maar Khan, Kambakkht ishq, Singh is Bliing and Chandini Chowk to China are like that due to negativity. All these movies did an average or above average business. Whatever it was but producers didn’t face any loss. That’s why he’s called s producer’s actor.

  5. MOst of the films Akki has acted are multistarrers, success or failure has to be shared by all. In this flop list, there are movies featuring Big B himself. It is not appropriate to attritube most of these flops to one actor only. Akshay is a versatile, hard working actor who has acheived stardom from a humble beginning.

  6. No, you are totally wrong. Some movies of your list were not flop. but average or semihit. Waqt humara hai, Hum hain bemisal, Aflatoon, Barood, Khiladi 420, Humko dewana kar gaye, Boss were not the flop movie. वैसे भी, अक्षय कुमार के बारे में पहले यह कहा जाता था “पिक्टर फ्लॉप लेकिन हीरो हिट”.

  7. Akshay has done 123 movie till Airlift. And he did 11 film in 1994. His most of the early films are with new director and unknown production house and also done b-grade movie in initial days to survive. So it is very normal to have 50 flop. Is there any other actor who have guts to give hit with new director and production house. Even Salman also said Akshay is the only actor to grow with every film. He always done a new role with every film. Most versatile actor after Big B is only Akshay Kumar.

  8. same way he has given most hit film also.(most successful and most numer of hit movies according to box office india )

    • Akshay Kumar Hits, Flops, Blockbusters: Box Office Collection Analysis

      Disasters – 13
      Flop – 37
      Below Average – 10
      Average – 10
      Above Average – 12
      Semi Hit – 3
      Hits – 13
      Super Hit – 6
      Blockbusters – 2
      All Time Blockbusters – 0
      Success Ratio (Above average or better) – 33.96%
      Hit Ratio (Hit or Better) – 19.81%

  9. Akshay is the best actor of B town.

    Any person let’s talk about srk salman aamir.
    Salman have 25 years career 40 flops movie

  10. Akki is the most versatile of all the pretentious stars. Hit or flop – All of his movies are good entertainment treats and in every one of them he plays a different character. His comic timing, action, romance, style, dialogue delivery..everything is just wonderful. That’s what makes him unique in this industry. Many would admit that they would prefer having a collection of Akki’s movies seriously because of his charming persona and entertaining factor of the movie contents.

  11. Akshay Kumar The Khiladi Of Bollwood And King Of Romanse King Of Comedy He Done Well In Any Department Of Bollywood Industry

  12. He is Great, every actor has hits and flops and he is the most bankable actor, one step over Salman Khan

  13. 50 flops lol he delivered fo flops we know but he give more than 50 hits this things you know and first thing that waqt hamara hai was considered hit in the wikipedia check please another mistake that tu chor main sipahi and khiladi 420 whcich is also considered in wikipedia and amy movies are averages considered flops in you website oh yeah you proved that you know nothing about akshay kumar and jelious of him also note he is only actor who does 50 hits in his career with main role mind it go checked

  14. Reviews were not good doesn’t mean that films are flop. Tees maar Khan did average business, so it’s not flop. And there are lots of other films of him where people said they are flop, but actually they did good business.
    If you compare the total movie release rates vs the total flop rates, Ajay Devgan and Salman have more flops. SRK also come in the similar rates of giving flops as Akshay if you compare the flop rates.
    In the last 6 years, he has done about 20 films, and only 3 are flop. No other A listed actors can do this numbers of films and give back-to-back hit.
    Some of the reasons that Akshay’s 90s films were disasters because he did not come from acting background when he started.He was a martial art teacher trying to get into the acting. And he did not have any relatives in the industry. He did not get opportunities for the big banner and big directors films for those reasons.
    But look at him now, he is the most hard-working actor in the Bollywood. He is the only actor who has improved over time. Plays at-least 3 films a year and still delivers hit. Releases movies without holidays, and even if he releases in holidays, his films were clashed with other films. And delivers hit films.

    I bet if other A-listed actors do 3 films a year, I don’t think they can be this successful. Akshay is the most successful actor in Bollywood today.
    90s was gone 17 years ago, so is SRK’s era. This is 2010s era. Era of Akki.


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