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Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty

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For all the stereotypical Bollywood music that you are looking for this season, Holiday delivers perfectly. Of course there is always that chance of repetition and overlapping of genres but Holiday survives even with all the cliché without any such mishap. It’s a good blend of pop and Hindi Film Music. Not every song in the album mesmerizes but neither do any of them bore beyond patience. Irshad Kamil at lyrics is one of the reasons for the album to stand out.

Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Holiday’
Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Holiday’

Shayarana – Holiday Music Review

This is the trademark romantic number every movie’s got to have but for a change this one comes with a beautiful composition and the use of acoustics is outstanding. The use of surround sounds gives a stage-effect to the number. Except that Arijit Singh has sung it with subtle finesse, it does not show much variation from his preferred genre of music. The ballet touch works really well to complement the lyrics.

Tu Hi Toh Hai – Holiday Music Review

This is truly Kunal Ganjawala’s comeback song and that flair of this singer is still intact. Progressive pop by genre, the song brings the pep to the album. It is also one of those very few times when techno and trance will not get you nauseated. Set this one for a drive-time listen or simply to shake a leg; it suits mostly all of those occasions. The promo version of this song has been sung by Benny Dayal.

Ashq Na Ho – Holiday Music Review

Semi classical by genre this number tries to be an indigenous blue. It sets the mood accordingly with its composition and Arijit Singh does quite a credible job. The vocal intonations come up against the music so as to actually make enough assertions over the music itself. And the experiment succeeds.

Blame The Night – Holiday Music Review

Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh and Piyush Kapoor come together for this trance number and if clubbing is your forte, this song has got to do the trick. We also like the chorus for it uplifts the composition as a whole instead of cluttering it out. Aditi’s voice however does not stand out as much as Piyush’s or Arijit’s for that matter.

Palang Tod (Original and ‘Naina’ Version) – Holiday Music Review

If ‘love machine’ reminds you of Abba’s ‘Honey Honey’, you are in for being flabbergasted. Ritu Pathak adds the earth to the number and for the contemporary folk, we have Mika Singh. The song stands out for its lyrics which saves it from being just another number trying too hard to experiment with ‘desi’. The music does not drown out the essence and you could dance to this number in your kitchen or at a wedding alike.

The Last Word – Holiday Music Review

‘Tried, tested and successful’ would be the definition of this album. You’ll love the effortlessness and the pure stereotypes. Yet, you won’t be bored as the album completely pays off at lyrics. You could dance to the songs while actually listening to and making sense of the lyrics. C’mon, that is becoming a bit rare in Bollywood these days!

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