When Yuvraj Singh Once Took A Dig At Angad Bedi & Neha Dhupia On Friendship Day
Yuvraj Singh Once Took A Dig At Angad Bedi & Neha Dhupia Over Their Soured Friendship (Pic Credit : Instagram/angadbedi, nehadhupia, yuvisofficial)

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi tied the knot in 2018. Their hush-hush wedding came as a surprise for everyone. The two managed to keep their wedding a secret until they uploaded the pictures themselves. While many were surprised about their wedding announcement, cricketer Yuvraj Singh was upset about it.

It was well known that Angad, Neha, and Yuvraj were best friends. The three had a solid friendship since their initial days in their respective career but it all changed when Neha got married to Angad secretly. Soon reports about the cricketer being upset with the two for not inviting him to their wedding.

Yuvraj Singh also took at Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia indirectly during Friendship Day. He took to Twitter and wrote, “Just realised yesterday was friendship day! Just my take on people who I thought were friends!! After my whole year of experience happy to say I love my dogs more .! You live, you learn. Anyways Happy friendship day”

However, it didn’t end there. When Yuvraj announced his retirement from all forms of cricket back in 2019, he organized a massive bash. Several celebrities and his fellow colleagues from the industry attended his bash. Even his former girlfriend Kim Sharma also attended the event but Angad and Neha were not invited.

It became a huge controversy and Angad Bedi later addressed it when he appeared on his wife Neha Dhupia’s podcast ‘No Filter With Neha’. He said, “My best friend did post an Instagram post very recently on friendship day and I read that post. Yuvi’s quote was something like – just my take on people and who I thought were friends, after the experience, I would like to say I love my dogs more. Something like that, I just thought it was a bit immature. It was my fault and I say this very openly that I should’ve given him more time but then unfortunately for us the decision-making was so sudden. He has his reasons to be upset and I really love him but if you want me to say what our relationship is right now, yes, it’s not the same and I hope in due course it does get better because I miss him. He is a dear friend of mine.”

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