Bollywood’s Superstar Shah Rukh Khan and celebrated filmmaker Aanand L Rai have collaborated for the first time to gift us a movie called Zero. Also starring Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma in the lead roles, Bauua Singh and his Paltan is coming our way to make us fall in love on December 21, 2018.

The whole team of Zero is currently on a promotional spree and we recently met the director to speak about the film, King Khan and much more.

Here’s What Aanand L Rai Has To Say About Zero Being A Game Changer For Shah Rukh Khan!
Will Zero Be A Game Changer For Shah Rukh Khan? Aanand L Rai Speaks Up!


Just before the release, Rai expressed his feelings and said that he is both excited & nervous about the film. “I’m both excited and nervous (Laughs). It’s important to be nervous, it’s a must.”


When he was asked if Zero will be a game changer for Shah Rukh Khan given the fact that his previous films haven’t worked well at the box office, to which he said that it is not SRK’s but the filmmaker’s problem. He said, ”SRK is a successful man. All the flops in the series is not his problem, it’s the filmmaker’s problem. I can only say that the way we have made this film, we have enjoyed making the film. There was fun, guts. When we were making this film, we knew that we are making something exciting. He is so successful actor that everything’s go in his favour. He can only decide that I can do this experiment or that. The actors who haven’t achieved that, they will play safe. An actor like SRK can afford to do this. He is a star and a great actor, he will keep on finding diverse roles. Another actor would have seen Zero as an experiment but SRK sees it as an opportunity. He’s not saying that, ‘My previous films didn’t work, then let’s play safe.’ He is too big to play safe.”

On being asked if not the King Khan, who would have been able to do full justice with the film, the only reply which came promptly was that he cannot imagine anyone else in that place. “Trust me, no one. After meeting him, it took me a year to finish the entire draft. I can’t imagine anyone. If I start seeing somebody, then it him or her. Whether it is, Dhanush in Raanjhanaa, I can’t imagine anyone else.”

Further speaking about the box office numbers, Rai said that he just don’t want anybody to loose their money. He said, “Not bothered. Trust me what actually goes in my favour is that the middle class temperament. From my first film onwards I have always said that nobody will loose money. This is a very middle class thought process that I don’t know about the profits but nobody should loose money. So that is something which always remains with me, it’s not about how much you make, it’s all about there should be money with you when you making next.“

Lastly, ask him if he thinks Zero is a risky subject given the fact that SRK will be seen in a vertically challenged role and how people will perceive it, he said, “I don’t know how people see it. But for me, the opposite of risky is safe and I don’t think that any filmmaker should make films which he feels is a safe film. Then there is no excitement, and if there’s no excitement, then you are not doing good to yourself. You can only make films because you are excited about it. If you go safe, it can easily go into a bracket of boring and boring is a very scary thing for any filmmaker. Bad is still fine, but boring is…”



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