Zeenat Aman shares her film-watching experience
Zeenat Aman shares her film-watching experience (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Zeenat Aman is acing her Instagram game like no other, and we all know that, don’t we? Her Instagram post looks like a box full of unheard tales from the past. In a recent social media post, the actress, known for her classic storytelling style, recounted how she secretly sneaked into theaters to watch her films without drawing attention to herself.

Zeenat Aman expressed “the magic of cinema” – her film-watching experience as an audience and later (when she became an actress). She also shared two pictures shot forty years apart and showed how her taste in movies had changed.


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Zeenat Aman wrote on Instagram, “Oh, the magic of cinema! Sunday was movie day at my boarding school in Panchgani. It was an eagerly anticipated weekly treat. We girls would pile into the gymnasium where the movies were screened, ready to be swept into alternate worlds. I must have been a preteen when I developed my first silver screen crush. It was a dashing Paul Newman in The Silver Chalice, and I wasn’t the only girl to feel my heart flutter when he came on screen. Years later, I entered the film industry by chance more than design. There is a thrill to being in front of the camera, but I still wager that being a member of the audience is more fun! In my early years as an actor, I would buy tickets for “my” films and watch them incognito to gauge the audience’s reaction. Often, this involved wearing a burkha to avoid being recognised. When I grew too mature for this trick, I would enter the cinema late, once the film had started, and exit early to avoid being mobbed! (sic)”

“I suspect the sheer glut of content has blunted movie-watching thrill. But my older followers will remember how novel, exciting, and entertaining cinema-going used to be. These two images, taken some 40 years apart, show me as a member of the audience. Demure and a tad self-conscious at a theatre in Calcutta sometime in the late 70s; raucous and carefree at a screening of “My” Don at Regal Cinema just last year. So, if you’ve felt the magic of cinema, tell me about your favorite film or film-watching experience in the comments… (sic),” concluded Zeenat’s post.

The veteran actress is simply the best in how she takes us back to her time with her amazing anecdotes.

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