When Shah Rukh Khan Said To Gauri Khan "Put On Your Burqa" & Pranked At His Wedding
When Shah Rukh Khan Pranked During His Wedding & Asked Gauri Khan: “She Will Wear A Burqa All The Time, She Won’t Ever Leave The House”(Pic Credit: Instagram/gaurikhan)

Shah Rukh Khan is one the most celebrated superstar in the country. He enjoys a massive fan following not only in the country but also overseas. Apart from films, the superstar is also known for his humour and wit. He once spoke about religion and narrated a fun incident from his wedding with his wife Gauri Khan.

In the glamour world, where relationships are hardly constant, SRK and Gauri are the perfect exemplars of ‘forever love’. The two have reinstated our faith in love and marriage. King Khan reminisced a funny incident that happened at his wedding reception in an old interview.

Shah Rukh Khan talking to Farida Jalal said, “The wedding which would have been for 45 minutes went on for an hour and a half to two hours. I remember, when their whole family, old fashioned people, I respect them all and respect their beliefs but at that time, in that old-fashioned reception, all of them were sitting there when I came in at 1:15, whispering “Hmmm.. He’s a Muslim boy. Hmm.. Will he change the girl’s name? Will she (Gauri) become a Muslim?

King Khan was in a mood for some fun so he decided to prank his relatives. The superstar then suddenly asked Gauri to wear a burqa (Muslim cultural garment) and declared to change her name to Ayesha. “They were all talking in Punjabi. So, I looked at the time and said, “OK Gauri, put on your ‘burqa’ and let’s read the namaaz now.” The whole family stared at us wondering if I had already changed her religion already. So I told them, “From now on she will wear a burqaa all the time, she won’t ever leave the house and her name will be changed to Ayesha and she will be like this,” he said.

In another interview, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan also spoke about how she respects his religion but would not convert to Islam. She had said, “There is a balance, I respect Shah Rukh’s religion but that doesn’t mean that I would convert and become a Muslim. I don’t believe in that. I think everybody is an individual and follow their religion. But, obviously, there should be no disrespect. Like Shah Rukh would not disrespect my religion as well.”

SRK has always been vocal about secularism. He had said, “I truly believe traditions and religions are all very personal. I think children, grown-ups should be left to learn it themselves.” Reminiscing his growing-up days, Shah Rukh had said, “My parents introduced me to everything. It was a refugee colony where I lived. So my parents used to be equally happy if I used to go to Ramleela or for Eid celebrations. Those ways, you learn and respect and love each other because you learn each other’s religion on your own. So, I hope my children do the same. My memories and my thinking is this for them!”

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