Unavailability Of Advance Bookings Of Sooryavanshi Angers Moviegoers And Exhibitors
Issues Relating To Revenue & Show Sharing Remains Unsolved For Sooryavanshi, Netizens React(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Diwali weekend is a great opportunity for filmmakers to attract audiences to watch their films. And this year, two mega releases Sooryavanshi and Eternals have made moviegoers eager to watch the film in theatres as soon as it releases. However, the advance booking which was supposed to start from Tuesday has still not opened yet. The issue wasn’t clear why multiplex owners aren’t opening the advance bookings until now.

The two big-budget films are highly anticipated especially in Maharashtra as these films will be the first major releases after the state government decided to re-open cinema halls almost after 6 months.



According to reports by Bollywood Hungama, theatre owners and producers behind Sooryavanshi and Eternals haven’t reached any common grounds on issues like revenue and show sharing. Many had thought that their differences would be cleared soon and advance booking might begin from Tuesday evening but still there’s no solution yet.

The audiences are clueless and exhibitors are angered after theatre owners and studios couldn’t reach to a conclusion. Talking to the entertainment portal, a source told, “The trade and exhibition sector is already frustrated and are hoping that a consensus is met. But the theatre owners don’t want to accept the terms laid down by Sooryavanshi makers with regards to 60% revenue sharing in Week 1. They fear it can set a precedent and the producers of the upcoming films might also demand the same terms.”

Explaining exhibitors demand, the source revealed, “A lot of options have been laid out like 55% revenue share, 52.5% in the first week, 47.5% in the second week, 45% in third week and 40% in fourth week. And that’s just one part of the problem. The other problem is with regards to the division of shows between Sooryavanshi and Eternals. Sooryavanshi makers are asking for maximum shows for their films. In some cases, they have asked one or two-screen cinemas to not play a single show on Eternals and that all shows should be allotted to Sooryavanshi. Eternals also have considerable hype and the advance ticket sales in the IMAX and 4DX screens have been tremendous. So the exhibitors would want to have some shows of Eternals but they are not being allowed to do so. In the process, they fear hurting Disney, which has an enviable slate of films in 2022.”

As of now only a handful of single-screens and multiplex like Carnival, Movie Time, Wave, Maxus, Gold, Mukta, etc have opened advance bookings for the Rohit Shetty directorial. While multiplexes having IMAX or 4DX have commenced Marvel films booking.

Reportedly, the producers and the theatre owner would be sitting for yet another meeting today and we hope whatever the outcome is, it should fulfil both the parties demands.

The audience has waited for more than a year for Sooryavanshi’s release as it was getting delayed multiple times and it’ll finally see the day of light almost after 19 months, the cast includes Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, along with the cameos of Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn.

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