Anju Mahendroo Once Spoke About Sanjeev Kumar & Women Saying, Those Close To Him Said, “Arrey Yaar Yeh Toh Tere Paise Ke Peeche Hai”
Here’s What Anju Mahendroo Had To Say About Sanjeev Kumar & The Women In His Life (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Sanjeev Kumar, born Harihar Jethalal Jariwala, was one of the top actors of his time and has several ladies fighting for his charms, In fact, in a past conversation, Anju Mahendroo had once revealed that many ladies tried to charm him by giving ‘dabbas’ and several other actually fell in love with him. However, despite receiving so much love, the actor remained unmarried throughout his life.


In her interview, the actress revealed that when these ladies showed interest in Kumar and he got close with any of them, the people associated with him would say that she was interested in his money. Despite this, the actor was linked to many actors including Hema Malini and Sulakshana Pandit.


Talking about Sanjeev Kumar’s love life to Filmfare a long time ago, Anju Mahendroo said, “Every time he got involved with a woman he was told by those close to him, ‘Arrey yaar yeh toh tere paise ke peeche hai (she’s after your money)’. This would play on his mind. I’d say, ‘Hari, are you mad or what? Can’t you judge for yourself? This way you’ll never get married. You love the woman, even if she’s there for your money, so what?’”




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