When Sanjay Dutt Made A Bizarre Justification About An Actress Exposing Her Br*asts On Screen & & Said, "Guys Touched Her B**bs Later & Claimed It's Ours"
When Sanjay Dutt Made A Bizarre Justification About An Actress Exposing Her Br*asts On Screen ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Bollywood and its non-technical era was a carefree zone. Where everyone said what they felt, without an iota of fear to be judged, be it right or wrong, and did not shy away from flaunting their knowledge and thoughts about everything. Their statements could reach the audience only with periodicals, and thus, whatever they said was never called out by others. One such statement was made by Sanjay Dutt, which needed to be called out at the time.

However, during the interview, the interviewer called Dutt out for saying bizarre things about women in the industry. Dutt felt that women had their way easier in the industry than men, and they got through their way very easily while the men had to struggle. But his thoughts turned even more bizarre when he started talking about women who expose in films.

Sanjay Dutt, in an interview with Cine Blitz in 1993, which was later shared by India Forums, decided to share his two cents about women exposing in the industry and on-screen. He said, “Of course, a beautiful woman gets her way more than a man. A man has to struggle harder, it’s more difficult for him in the world. If a girl is gorgeous, it’s well… I’m not saying it isn’t as difficult for a girl out there, but she gets her way easier.”

But the conversation turned even more bizarre when the actor further said, “You’ve got to love yourself to respect yourself, and for others to respect you as well! If you don’t do that, then accept the consequences.” The interviewer must have been as confused as Dutt’s thoughts since he was asked again, “You mean to say a woman who exposes does not love and respect herself?”

Sanjay Dutt, who was seen playing Shuddh Singh in Shamshera, then proceeded to make an astonishing statement about women who exposed themselves and made the weirdest statement of this century. “To reach a level, you can do anything. So if you want to be on the top, you may as well sleep with the top guy. I’ll give you an example. I won’t name the actress. But she did do a scene where she exposed her br*asts. And she had just walked out of the premiere of the film, and there were these guys who touched her there. She did make a big scene about it, but they just turned around and said, Why the hell did you show it to us on the screen? Why did you take your clothes off? It’s ours’!”

Well, yes, once upon a time, even this happened in Bollywood. We guess, “ladkiyaan khuli tojori ki tarah hoti hain” never made any more sense and was not taken literally by anyone else except a superstar named Sanjay Dutt!

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