When Sanjay Dutt Was High On LSD & Thought His Father Sunil Dutt Was Melting Like Wax Amid Hallucinating, Read On
When Sanjay Dutt Was High On LSD & Thought His Father Sunil Dutt Was Melting Like Wax Amid Hallucinating ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Sanjay Dutt ; Wikipedia / Sunil Dutt )

Sanjay Dutt has one of the wildest histories in Hindi cinema. His transformation from a young drug-addict to an actor has been nothing short of an inspiration. Today, we are going to talk about the time when the Munna Bhai actor was high on LSD and was called by his father, Sunil Dutt to his office. Read to know the scoop below.

LSD is an acid that makes you hallucinate after a while of taking the drug and makes you slow, fuzzy too.

It was when the preparation of Rocky was in full swing and it was Sanjay Dutt’s father Sunil Dutt who was directing the movie himself. According to The Print, the Munna Bhai actor recalled the incident and how little his father knew about his son.

Sanjay said, “‘I had popped in some acid, LSD. It’s called purple haze. It kind of hits you after a while.” The Agneepath actor was sitting alone in his room, waiting for the drug to kick in and suddenly the house phone rings. It was from his dad Sunil’s office and he wanted to meet him urgently.

Sanjay Dutt couldn’t refuse not going to his office, as Sunil Dutt wanted to discuss something regarding the shoot of Rocky.

As soon as he reached his father’s office, the drug started to kick-in. Recalling that evening Sanjay said, “So Dad is talking to me and it [the LSD] suddenly hit me. He is talking to me and I could hear “waannrr . . . einn [gibberish]!” Now I am saying to myself, “Sanju, you’re tripping. Just take it easy. Just keep nodding.” So I kept nodding and I kept hearing him like “aannoonn . . . aann [gibberish]!”’

Sunil Dutt who was sitting on the other side of the table seemed frustrated with the Rocky actor not paying attention to the conversation. Sanjay was mid-hallucination when, “All of a sudden I see a wig come out of his head and that wig caught fire . . . And I am looking at him and thinking what the hell is happening, man!”

Sanjay Dutt couldn’t hold it inside after he thought that his father was engulfed in flames and said, “Dad started melting like wax. He was like a candle.” The actor ‘dived on him’ and tried to ‘put his face together’. He screamed, “Dad! Dad! Don’t die on me. Don’t melt.”

His father couldn’t understand what was happening and started yelling in Punjabi, “Ki hoya . . . ki hoya yaar mere puttar nu? [What’s happened? What’s happened to my son?]” Sanjay added, “At that time nobody knew what these things were. There were no treatment centres. My father didn’t know, my sisters didn’t know, friends didn’t know. Nobody knew what is this powder.”

The part of this story was shown in Sanju that starred Ranbir Kapoor in the lead and was based on Sanjay Dutt’s life and Paresh Rawal played the role of his father Sunil Dutt.

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