Salman Khan Once Opened Up Being Patient While Dealing With Negative News Saying “If I Didn’t I Would Have Broken All These Offices”
When Salman Khan Said, “If I Didn’t Have Patience I Would Have Broken All These Offices” As He Spoke About His Negative Image In The Media ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Salman Khan is an actor who needs no introduction. The ‘Bharat’ actor — who has been entertaining fans since the 90s and will soon be seen playing the lead in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan and Tiger 3, has been in the news for positive as well as negative reasons over the years.

Not just court cases, Salman has also had negativity surrounding him owing to drama on film sets, his past relationships, rapport with co-stars and colleagues and lots. In a past interaction, the Bhai of Bollywood had once revealed how he deals with the negatives. Scroll to know what he said.

Recently an old interview video clip of Salman Khan was shared on Reddit, and it had him talking about the negative image the media created of him. Sharing how he handles the negativity, the ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ actor said, “Bahut patience hai mujhe mein. For example, joh joh mere baare mein likha jaata hain…. Kuch bhi. Ek source ke through, iske through, uske through… (I have a lot of patience. For example, all these things that are written about me… They are rubbish, through this source, this person, that person…).”

On being quizzed out of 100 news pieces about him how many are false, Salman Khan responded, “I think a 100.” Continuing talking about the negativity it creates, the ‘Dabangg’ actor added, “But then I have the patience. Otherwise, if I didn’t have patience I would have broken all these offices. Simple. So, I have the patience and I don’t care because when I interact with my fans they know who I am, what I am.”

Check out this now re-surfaced video of Salman Khan talking media giving him a negative image here:

Throwback: Salman about his negative image from BollyBlindsNGossip

Reacting to this video, one Reddit user commented, “Patience = I threaten people to death if they write or say something bad about me.” Another added, “Sallu – B : Boht patience hai , bas kabhi kabhi gaadi lekar idhar udhar nikal jata hoon” A third commented, “I would be fucking scared to sit in front of him and be that lady asking him questions loll”

What do you think about this old statement of Salman Khan and his way of dealing with the negativity created around him with source reports? Let us know in the comments.

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