When Sana Khan Reacted To Her Awkward Hug With Salman Khan
Sana Khan Once Shut Trollers Who Criticised Her Hug With Salman Khan ( Photo Credit – Salman Khan, Sana Khan / Instagram )

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Sana Khan used to make headlines for a number of reasons before she left the showbiz due to personal reasons. Among all her controversies, Khan was once trolled for hugging Salman Khan at the Big Zee Entertainment Awards in 2017. Netizens called their hug awkward and forceful as they noticed that Salman had a closed fist and a shy smile. Later the actress responded to the incident and called out people for making an issue out of such things.


For the unversed, On 8 October 2020, Sana posted a message on Instagram saying that she was quitting the entertainment industry and would “serve humanity and follow the order of her Creator.” A month after the announcement, Khan married Islamic scholar Mufti Anas Sayied in Surat.


Coming back to the topic, after netizens escalated the matter, Sana Khan got furious at people who were calling her hug with Salman Khan, awkward. During the conversation with Hindustan Times, Sana said, “I still can’t believe that a normal hug was trending, trolling, and rolling. People just blew it out of proportion because [Salman] had a closed fist, and some dumb people even called it an awkward hug.”

Sana Khan further shared, “Who am I to make him feel uncomfortable? It’s stupid to put somebody down by saying such a nasty thing and showing me in the wrong light. It’s not [as if] I went to hug him and he didn’t recognise me.”

When asked why he had closed his fist closed while hugging, the actress said, “Couldn’t it be somebody’s style? Maybe he hugs like that. I don’t know. I think the best person [whom] to ask this would be Salman Khan. [Also] He has been in the [film] industry for over 25 years, so don’t think backless even matters to him… he has seen more than that (laughs). Let’s not talk like a five-year-old and make all this sound so big.”

Slamming those who are calling it a forced hug, Sana Khan replies, “I’m not a psychopath to hug somebody if the person doesn’t want to talk to me. I’m not someone who makes people stand and keep talking and falling on their lap. I am on good terms with Salman Khan; we share a rapport, I talk to him on and off, we’ve met so many times, I’ve been to his house, and we have worked together on the sets also. So there’s nothing to feel awkward [about].”

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