When Rishi Kapoor Wrote About Father Raj Kapoor’s Colorful Life & His Involvement With Vyjayanthimala’
When Rishi Kapoor Wrote About Father Raj Kapoor’s ‘Involvement With Vyjayanthimala’ & His Love For ‘Booze, Leading Ladies’ & Other Things (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Legendary actor Raj Kapoor, often referred to as ‘The Greatest Showman Of Indian Cinema,’ has always been one of the most celebrated artists of all time. After rising to fame at a very young age, he made an insuperable contribution to the Hindi film industry. Apart from being in the news for his impeccable work in the industry, he also made headlines for his alleged affairs with his co-star. His son and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, in his autobiography, Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored, wrote about the same in detail.

In today’s throwback story, we will tell you about the time when Bobby actor wrote about his father’s colorful life and opened up about his love for cinema, booze, and leading ladies. Shedding some light on his personal life, the late actor also confirmed his alleged involvement with Vyjayanthimala and Nargis.

Rishi Kapoor, in his autobiography, revealed that Raj Kapoor was a man in love, but unfortunately, with someone other than his mother, Krishna Raj Kapoor. Further calling Nargis his father’s in-house heroine, he said that she was the leading lady of some of his biggest hits of the time, including Aag (1948), Barsaat (1949), and Awara (1951).

Not only that, Rishi Kapoor also recalled an instance when his mother left Raj Kapoor and stayed in a hotel at Marine Drive with his son during his involvement with Vyjayanthimala. Later, to woo her back, he bought an apartment for Krishna and their kids, but she didn’t go until he ‘ended that chapter of his life.’

He even addressed Vyjayanthimala’s claims of saying that Raj Kapoor ignited the romance between them because he was hungry for publicity. “She had no right to distort facts just because he was no longer around to defend the truth…But I can say with absolute certainty that if Papa had been alive, she wouldn’t have denied the affair so blatantly or called him publicity hungry,” wrote Rishi Kapoor, slamming her for distorting facts.

Opening up about Raj Kapoor’s love for his booze and leading ladies, Rishi Kapoor continued, “My father loved his cinema, his booze, his leading ladies, and his work. But for a man legendary for his hospitality, he was very possessive of his whisky. When we started drinking together, for him, it was always Johnny Walker Black Label bought in London, while we were served locally procured whisky.”

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