When Ranbir Kapoor Spoke About Kapoor Family’s Education History
Ranbir Kapoor Once Revealed The Education Qualification Of The Kapoor Family ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Since our childhood, everyone has told us about the importance of education, as your future depends on it. However, while we grew up and saw our favourite actors talk about their education history we came to know that most of them aren’t much educated. Similarly, we stumbled upon a throwback interview of Ranbir Kapoor while he was promoting Jagga Jasoos and spoke about the education qualification of his family. Although the Rockstar actor claims he was the average student in school but he also mentions that he’s the most educated member of the Kapoor family.

They’re considered as the First Family of Indian cinema with at least 5 generations of descendants over 94 years in the Indian film industry. Prithviraj Kapoor was the first member to begin acting in movies with his 1928 debut film Do Dhari Talwar, while he became known for playing the role of Mughal emperor Akbar in K Asif’s evergreen movie Mughal-e-Azam.

Coming back to the topic, back in 2017, Ranbir Kapoor who was super busy promoting Jagga Jasoos, the actor spoke about some memories from his childhood and confessed about being the most educated member of the Kapoor family. He even revealed why he’s glad that there was no Twitter during those days or else his father Rishi Kapoor would have displayed how bad his grades were in school.

Reminiscing about his childhood days, Ranbir Kapoor told PTI, “My mother used to come to my school when the results were declared. I would always apologised and said that I’ll work harder, get good marks and won’t fail in any subjects. Mom would say if she saw a red line on my report card, she would tell dad. I used to cry because I was very scared of him.”

“Good thing is back then there was no Twitter. Otherwise, I don’t know what he (Rishi) would’ve written.”

Sharing his grades and talking about being the most educated person in the family, Ranbir Kapoor shared, “My family’s history isn’t that good. My father failed in 8th grade, my uncle in 9th, and my grandfather in 6th. I am actually the most educated member of my family. I got 56 per cent in my 10th boards and my best of five percentage was 60.”

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