When Kangana Ranaut Was 'Hurt' After Karan Johar & Sonam Kapoor Mocked Her 'English' During One KWK Episode & Reacted
When Sonam Kapoor & Karan Johar Behaved Like The Meanest Bullies Making Fun Of Kangana Ranaut’s English ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Karan Johar’s chat show is a Pandora box for Bollywood celebrities. Or, Bullywood as Kangana Ranaut terms the show and the host. If you dig old episodes of the show, you will definitely come across some of the meanest statements, attacks, digs, trolls, and sassiest revelations. One such episode which might be the most iconic episode in the history of the entire show was when Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor, graced the infamous couch.

Sonam and Deepika made an appearance on Koffee with Karan when the ‘famous’ bikini picture of Katrina Kaif with Ranbir Kapoor leaked on the internet while he was officially still in a relationship with RK. Later, Deepika and Sonam, on National Television, made sure that they ripped off the actor’s character and later Rishi Kapoor went mad at Karan Johar for letting that happen. However, this story does not belong to the RK bashing.

We caught hold of another video from the episode when Sonam Kapoor decided to hold the mean-girl flag high and trolled Kangana Ranaut for her bad English-speaking skills. In the rapid-fire round, Karan Johar asked Sonam, “Who would you give the ability to speak English fluently?” Sonam had a spark in her eyes listening to the question, and she tried to say but not say and asked, “Should I say it?” She giggled, “I think Kangana has a great fashion sense but…” and Karan Johar completed “Questionable English” to which Sonam agreed.

Later, Anupama Chopra in an interview with Kangana Ranaut asked her about how she felt when outsiders are attacked and she mentioned, “Like when Sonam made fun of your English.” To this, Kangana replied, “I think, we do feel hurt. It’s very obvious. Eventually, I am just a 24-year-old who is just trying to do her own thing. When people criticise me and when they make my mistakes the focus, and not my plus points. It does hurt me, and I am trying. The place where I come from, I have groomed myself, and I constantly say that I am trying to improve my language skills as well. It’s not that I am not trying.”

The compilation of this video was shared by a fan page of Kangana Ranaut kangana_cult. The video was captioned as ‘How mean’! Even Kangana fans came to her defense, and a user wrote, “Kangna has won multiple national awards with her questionable English… And Sonam has made the whole industry proud of her supernatural acting skills….” Another user commented on the video, “Kangana’s intelligence surpasses the combined intelligence of the whole kapoor family.” A third user wrote, “And today Kangana is a Sucessful actor, director, producer and her accent is 100 times better than Sonam’s accent.”

A user very aptly pointed, “I don’t understand this Hindi movies makers they earn money from hindi speaking audiences and give importance to English ( colonial syndrome)”

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