When Imran Khan Indirectly Exposed Bollywood Parties!
When Imran Khan Hinted At His Exit From Bollywood! (Pic credit – Imran Khan/ Instagram )

Imran Khan was one of the shining stars of Bollywood. The actor had not done too many roles, but still made sure that he made an impact. He has been missing from the big screens since a long time now and fans kept wondering why. Speculations were answered when best friend Akshay Oberoi revealed that the Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na actor has quit Bollywood. Much before anyone of us could imagine that, Imran had hinted it in an interview! Read on for all the details.

The actor turns 38 today. His last film in the showbiz was Katti Batti (2015). Too late of a realization, but a conversation of Imran is now going viral where he indirectly hinted to his exit. It was in 2014 when he conducted a ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit. The actor spoke in length about Bollywood, nepotism and much more.



A user had asked Imran Khan, “From the interviews I have seen, you seem like one of the few actors who are not completely consumed by Bollywood. You seem to be in touch with the real world. Do you make a conscious effort to keep in touch with the outside world? Also, do you consider yourself an ‘insider’ in the industry?”

To this, Imran Khan responded, “It’s not really a conscious effort. I’m genuinely not interested in most of the hoopla. I like my quiet, peaceful life, I like my old friends, I like my cats and dogs… Ideally, I’d just make movies and skip the rest of the media circus.”

A user even asked the actor how it feels to occasionally check himself out on Internet. To this, Imran replied, “I don’t watch TV… I’ve worked hard to avoid living in the ‘Bollywood Bubble’, eating, breathing and living movies. It can get very suffocating.”

Just not that, Imran Khan had also subtly exposed the Bollywood parties when asked about it. He said, “Exactly the same thing that happens at all parties; people drink, dance, stand in corners and bitch about people they dislike, there are drunken hookups and fights, and people keep going to the bathroom, even if they don’t have to pee.”

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