When Govinda Missed Neelam Even After Marrying Govinda
Here’s Why Govinda Could Never Marry Neelam (Photo Credit: Instagram/Govinda & Neelam, IMDb)

Govinda is one such name of the ’80s and ’90s who needs no introduction. Be it his dance moves or his comedy timing, his fans loved everything. But, his love life was nothing less than a Bollywood film. Everyone knew that he fell head over heels in love with Neelam but still ended up marrying Sunita.

In one of his boldest interviews ever given to Stardust Magazine, the actor opened up about his several hidden secrets about his love life and why exactly he married his now-wife Sunita instead of the love of his life? Keep reading further.



Govinda spoke about his first meeting with Neelam. He met her at Pranlal Mehta’s office. The actor remembered that she was wearing white shorts and looked nothing less than an angel. She came ahead to say ‘hello’, after which Chi Chi was scared as he felt his knowledge of English was not that great. It was then and there that he fell in love and knew that she was a distant dream.

Govinda and Neelam became good friends later, and they opened up to each other. But, once, when the actor was unable to perform well in a romantic scene, his brother asked him to make a girlfriend and take some real-life romance experience. It was then that Sunita came into his life.

Even after committing to Sunita, the actor could not stop praising Neelam and wanted his now-wife to become like her.

In fact, after getting engaged when Sunita spoke against Neelam once, Govinda, without giving a second thought, broke the engagement. He has confessed that had Sunita not coaxed him to get back in this relationship after 5 days, he would have married Neelam.

But, what exactly happened between the Partner actor and his former love? In the same interview, the actor opened up, saying, “She wanted an intelligent, well-to-do, good-looking man as a husband. And I was anything but that. She belonged to the upper strata, and I was a dehati, coming from a lower-middle-class family. We were poles apart in every way. We probably would never have been successful as a married couple. And maybe, Neelam realised that. But the actual problems between her and me began when she started working more and more with other heroes. I was consumed with absolute jealousy and insecurity. I was scared that I would lose out on her totally. And that she was the only, one good heroine that I had. And then ‘Aag Hi Aag’ and ‘Paap Ki Duniya’ became hits. She started signing more films with Chunky, Sunny, Mithun, Chintu, I was very upset.”

Govinda also said, “Of course, she’s very cordial to me whenever we bump into each other. But my heart still misses a beat when I see her. I feel like screaming in despair. If only I had not promised to marry Sunita. If only …”

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