Emraan Hashmi Reveals His Worst Kissing Experience
Emraan Hashmi’s Worst Kissing Experience Was A Classic Case Of Morning Breath Reveals The Actor(Pic Credit: Facebook/Emraan Hashmi)

When we talk about Emraan Hashmi, the first thing that may come to most of our minds is the title serial kisser. The actor got famous with this title in the industry. As much as he is popular for being a good actor, his serial kisser image is something that never gets away from him. But did you know there was a time when the actor had to experience a case of bad breath with an actress?


Yes! You heard that right. Emraan himself confessed to this funny experience, and we cannot stop guessing who the actress can be? It is hard to pick out films that do not have a kissing scene featuring Emraan. There maybe one or two, but people hardly take that into consideration, right? But we are sure that you want to know about this incident. Keep scrolling further.


Emraan Hashmi was promoting his film Why Cheat India. It happened during one of his interviews during that time that a host played rapid-fire with him. He asked the actor, “Your best and worse on-screen kiss?” The actor had a very funny reply to this question.

Emraan Hashmi replied, “It’s only the best because it was with me.” Later he said, “Best is Mallika and worst, I’m not going to take the name of the lady, but it was a classic case of morning breath.”

Oops! Now that is such a No-No! We can only imagine what Emraan must have gone through. Also, we are racking our brains hard to guess who the actress can be. Let’s hope that someday the actor reveals the name of the actress.

What do you have to say about this funny incident? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you are able to guess the name of the actress, then feel free to share it in the comments section.

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