Elli AvrRam Once Recalled Two Directors Asked Her For Se*ual Favour
When Elli AvrRam Recalled Two Directors Asked Her For Se*ual Favour: “They Shaked My Hand & Scratched It With One Of The Fingers” ( Photo Credit – Elli AvrRam / Instagram )

Bollywood stars enjoy a massive fan following and receive a hefty paycheque. However, it is not an easy place to be in. The film industry is filled with several ills from rampant se*ism, and casting couch to constant bullying. Elli AvrRam once spoke about her experience while starting her career in the industry.

Elli, who is from Sweden, came to India a few years ago to try her luck in Bollywood. Much like other actresses she too had to face difficult people to find work in the industry. She once revealed that two directors wanted to sleep with her.

During a conversation with Pinkvilla back in 2019, Elli AvrRam recalled her struggle and said, “I was told I needed to lose weight. They said I’m short and I was told about my forehead and my teeth. One girl who was connected to Bollywood told me, ‘Oh, but sweetheart you can never become an actress because you’re too short. I choose not to listen to that. Within two months of me being in India, I felt I don’t have it. Some felt I looked old like an aunty because of my long hair.”

The Swedish actress also revealed that she’s battled the casting couch again. She said, “I had gone for a few meetings. I met these two directors who especially shaked my hand and scratched it with one of the fingers. After that one meeting, I asked my friend about it. He was shocked and said, “Oh, no did he do that? Do you know what that means?’ I didn’t know and he told me that he wanted to sleep with me.”

Elli AvrRam, however, did find work and appeared in films like Mickey Virus, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, One Night Stand, and Poster Boys to name a few. She recalled facing severe se*ism in the industry. “It’s been tough. I remember this very big movie where they wanted to have me and I was so excited to have that movie. Suddenly, the actor had a problem and that’s why the producer took a call and replaced me. That would have been it but it’s been hard times,” she said.

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