Raj Kapoor Devastatingly Said, "Meri Jaan Hi Chali Gayi" As Singer Mukesh Passed Away After A Concert In The US, Burst Out When His Dead-Body Arrived At The Airport
Raj Kapoor Was Devastated After Singer Mukesh’s Death News Broke(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Singer Mukesh turns 100 today in the memories of all his fans, friends, and family. The legendary singer shared a bond, more than that of an associated professional with Raj Kapoor. They were soul brothers. Mukesh was the voice for the Awara actor, and it is said when the singer passed away, Kapoor, in one of his confessions, said that he felt he has lost his voice. When news of the singer’s death broke, the actor-filmmaker was devastated to no end.

Singer Mukesh has gone to the US for a concert with Lata Mangeshkar. But unfortunately, after the concert, he suffered a heart attack and passed away. The news was shocking and heartbreaking for the film world. But along with his family, there was one man who was shattered. The man was the actor who lip-synced when Mukesh sang Ik Din Bik Jaayega Mati Ke Mol.

Ritu Nanda, in her memoir Raj Kapoor Speaks, wrote about this unfortunate incident and narrated Raj Kapoor’s agony. The book said, “There was Mukesh – my soul, my voice, I was a mere body. It was he who sang to the hearts of the people all over the world, not me. Raj Kapoor was an image, just a carcass of flesh and bones. When he died, it was destroyed, I felt there goes my breath, there goes my soul. I know what went away from me.”

Mukesh died in August 1976, and Raj Kapoor had already lost two of his best friends, lyricist Shailendra and Music Director Jaikishen of the Shankar Jaikishen duo prior to that. When Mukesh passed away, he said, “When Shailendra left us, I felt I’d lost one arm; when Jaikishen passed away I lost another. But when Mukesh passed away, meri jaan hi chali gayi (I lost my life). I am the body, my soul was Mukesh.”

Recalling his father’s death, singer Nitin Mukesh once, in an interview with the Mirror recalled what exactly happened after that unfateful day. Raj uncle was with us at home till we left for the airport. Little did he know then that this was the last time he’d see his Mukesh Chand alive (Kapoor always addressed him by his full name). He was at the airport, inconsolable, when I returned with Papa’s body. He’d been filming the flood sequences for Satyam Shivam Sundaram near Pune when he got the news, and despite knowing how difficult it would be to get a busy Shashi Kapoor’s combination dates with Zeenat (Aman), and without a thought for the losses he’d incur, he drove down to be with our family for the next 10 days.”

Mukesh had to record a song for Satyam Shivam Sundaram after he came back from the US. The song was titled “Wo Aurat Hai, Tu Mehbooba”. But unfortunately, he came back lifeless, wrapped in a coffin. His last recorded song was Chanchal Nirmal Komal Sheetal, from the film. The film was dedicated to him once it was released. And Raj Kapoor launched Mukesh’s son Nitin Mukesh in a huge way because that is how friends take care of each other’s families. A heartwarming tale indeed.

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