Anushka Sharma Once Reacted To Salman Khan's Rape Statement
Anushka Sharma Once Said She Don’t Know Salman Khan ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Salman Khan is the controversy’s favourite child. The actor is amongst the biggest Bollywood stars, and it’s the very thing that goes boomerang. Fortunately or unfortunately, Salman still has his ‘no filter’ attitude intact. More often he gets in trouble for his unfiltered words, which are not expected from a celebrity of his stature. Even Anushka Sharma was once left shocked.

Back in 2016, during one of the promotional events of Sultan, Salman had mocked serious issues like rape when he said, he felt like raped every day after working with real wrestlers. As expected, the statement was criticised by people from all corners.

Back then, even Anushka Sharma expressed her take on Salman Khan’s statement. She admitted that she didn’t really know what kind of person Salman is.

In an interview with Film Companion, Anushka Sharma was asked about Salman Khan’s controversial rape mockery. She said, “I feel like it was insensitive and something that I was a bit surprised by. You hear people say things like ‘Oh I had a tough day, feel like I was raped.’ People have realised that this can’t be taken lightly or the word ‘rape’ can’t be used loosely which is the only positive thing about this.”

“I don’t know him at all. I have done one film with him and that’s the amount of interaction I’ve had with him,” Anushka said when she was asked if she would suggest Salman to apologise for the statement.

Taking note of the consequences that took place after the incident, Anushka had one positive takeaway. She quoted, “It made me think about how each one of us have a responsibility towards what we speak in any place. Whatever you say, you have to be aware of that. I think we celebrities have to be more aware of what we are saying.”

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